You keep comin' back
Can't make up your mind
Ideas amaze me
When we talk
One suggestion on my part
Led to another, on yours
Now the tension's gone
And our relationship's changed
Is it for the good?
Probably not, knowing our luck
She's pissed off
I feel like a slut
But it's what we want
You told me you only want me,
When it suits you best
I'm fine with that
(At least I think I am)
After all we've been through
Close of friends as we are
This one's new, even for us
Maybe this'll be better
It'll make us both happy
You'll be there
But not really
Maybe you'll show me
That you do care
Maybe it'll satisfy me
And not make me want more
Maybe it'll be different
No titles, no pressure
Not dating without the name
Just you and me chillin'
And maybe a little more...