was a house on a little black street

where I whistled on the lawn where I re membered all the yawwwwnsw here I listened t her songs asking Mom

can I go


was the floor I could walk in bare feet

where I painted on the walls st umble d all of my f alls w here Ishouteddown

the halls the lines marked a l

when can we go back


was a room where the bears and the horses and the lions would meet

w here I tORe up the dOlls wher ronce los chased all of the moths of which

I constantly sought


is a ghost I can no longer see

where you can never go back the past movestoofast its burned

off on all m ap s and I can not remember the time I sa t


A/N: for some reason fictionpress hates me, and it won't save all the spacing/special text i've done for this. it should alot more crazy/confusing. sorry about that.