I am having the time of my life! Party all nite!

I am so sick of it all

You did what?! You told on me!? You ratted me out!?

You did the right thing

I hate you! Go away!

Help me

Why can't you let me live? Leave me alone!

I need someone, anyone, someone see this pain in me, please

I don't need any of you! Some friend you are!

You are my only true friend

How could you tell them? I am old enough to do things by myself!

I'm so lonely. Can you tell?

I don't need anything but myself! I need a friend some one to care I hate you! I never want to see you again!

Thank you

okay this is what you would probably hearfrom your friend if they were doing something dangerous and you told someone. the regualr is what they say and the italics is probably what they'll say after they realize thier mistake. so don't ever be afraid to do the right thing, because even if they get mad at you ever time your friend will realize that you loved them enought to help them.