His eyes were cast to the starry night

Cursing often his aged failing sight

He knew not exactly what he sought

Knowing only what perhaps he thought

Was a shimmering glimmering simmering humanoid

Of bright emerald grandeur just like Sigmund Freud

Although unlike Freud who's only interest were phallus-ies

He believed this being gestated from a different galaxy

And whilst in this assumption he proved to be true

He was troubled in finding it as it left no single clue

He did search high and low thither and nither

Until he was certain he had searched the entire globe

Then just as he was about to wither

A hammering electro jab signaled the presence of a sharp anal probe

Yelping in pain he did whirl around

Only to find an inquisitive being who hovered a foot from the ground

In anger and rage he lunged at the being

Knowing its wispy form was weak and fair

However unfortunately he was not seeing

That the celestial being was as strong as 1 million strong bears

It chirped in a perverted glee

Grabbing with clammy hands at his naked knees

The man who's name is John Fentcoarse

Moved too slow and was grabbed with such force

That the wind was knocked from him and he screamed till hoarse

However no super hero came with mask or cape

And he was subjected to slimy alien gang rape

So to the weird galactic experiments he was reverted

There soon he learnt that all Aliens are perverted.