Every word that falls out of your mouth

Dripping acid into my veins

My mind conforming to your toxic tonic

I take twice a day


Poison infiltrating the walls of my heart

Broken pieces gathered in a wet french-fry box

It's all falling apart


Bridges and drifting lives

This dying world doesn't notice

My bleeding body 's conscience

Filled with the sedative

You gave to dull my mind

From the everlasting pain

Of your platitudinous world


Hanging on your lips

While you wait to perforate my skin

With your chemically-unbalanced finger tips

And set flame to the barriers made of wax

Just take over me

And destroy the evidence


Wasn't so hard after all

With plenty of practice you'll be perfect

Blood-spattered, sweet and innocent

The way you were when we first met

Like a first kiss gone wrong

Make it all look like an accident

Push a little harder and try again

Slit my wrists and for god's sake get this over with