Without you…

By: Gray Angel

What is light? But dark without you.

What is sweet? But bitter without you.

What is sugar? But salt without you.

What is life? But death without you.

What is content? But hunger without you.

What is water? But sand without you.

What is the earth? Without out a moon?

What is the sun? Without her planets?

What is flesh of my flesh? With out lifeblood?

What is heaven? But hell without you.

What is a dream? But a nightmare without you.

What is love? But hate without you.

What is being saved? But doomed without you.

What is breathing? But suffocating without you.

What is happens? But sadness with out you.

I am nothing without you.

Without you there is no ying and yang.

Without you there is not happiness.

Without you there is only a void of nothing.

Without you there is not heaven only hell.

Without you any sort of love has on meaning.

Without you life has no meaning.

I'm with you, so light is not dark, sweet is not bitter, sugar is not salt, life is not death, content is not hunger, water is not sand. The earth has her moon and the sun has her planets. My flesh has it lifeblood; heaven is not hell with you, a dream is not a nightmare, love is not hate, or being saved is not being doomed, breathing is not suffocating, and happiness is not sadness.

I'm everything with you!

There is ying and yang.

There is happiness.

There is no void.

There is only heaven and no hell.

Love has all the meaning in the world.

Life has meaning with you.

Life, love, and happiness means everything with you… I love you.