I am lost in an ocean of disrepair.

Every day I live I see lovers eyes filled with tears.

In children's eyes I see immortal wars fought and lost.

I am alone, stuck in this world of hard ship.

There is no end to this pain.

In a boat on the sea of misery there is no end.

Life throes you up and down, up and down to the depths of hell.

The demons licking up sins of the world like water.

Hatred falling all around like blood.

The smell of burning flesh every where.

Is there no end to this madness?

There is no life only death.

The world in golfed in black fire.

The evil lord ,the devil, plays his cards of death to rid the world of happiness.

Ravens flying above ,looking , waiting like hawks ,like cats, waiting to pounce on someone weak and pitiful.

Ghosts flicker in my room as my mind takes over.

In the end there is no life in my world.

My words cant be heard amidst the screaming of death.

Blood curdling cries is the music I hear.

As I cry alone at night I hear spirits talking too me.

I dream what no one dear dream before.

In my mind there is no love , no hope ,no life.

To where did these thoughts come.

I am alone in this life of darkness and hatred.

No one can help me now its too late.

The demons of hells deep have claimed my soul.

Its too late I'm gone.

In my dreams the mangled bodies spread like weeds.

The immortal wars that I have fought lure the hatred within me.

There is no life in me ,no hope, no happiness.

No one can save me I'm already dead.

I'm gone, I'm dead, just gone.

I've gone too hells deep,

where the demons lick up the blood off the bodies like dogs.

Where they rip at you with talons dipped in poison.