'Roses are for women,' you say with a smile.

A smile that says 'You didn't have to.'

A smile that says 'I don't deserve them.'

A smile that says you'll always push him away ….

Even when you want him close.

He never forced you to open your heart,

You did it on your own.

And sometimes you regret it …

Just because it hurts so much

To Feel.

To Love.

You don't know when

Or how it happens.

You just know that you did.

You fell in love.

He puts you high on a pedestal,

But you know it's just further to drop …

When you fall.

He doesn't make you put it in words;

He knows that you can't.

He knows that you won't.

He knows that you love him …

You don't know why he stays.

You don't know why he continues to pursue.

All the world you thought you knew …

Changed when he focused on you.

You're broken

When you look at him.


When he smiles.


Just because you can't understand.

Someone like him,

Someone so sure

Someone so certain

That he can mend you

That he can understand you

That he can bring the pieces back together.

And all the while you suffer,

Because you're so sure you have nothing to give.

You call for him in your sleep,

And wonder where he is.

But he's right beside you

Where he's always been.

Still you doubt him,

Never gave him a chance

To mend your broken wings.

No matter how far you've fallen

He's always there to pick you up

And put you back where he says you belong.

In his arms you wonder

What is it that you're really afraid of?

What is it about him that scares you so much?

He puts you high on a pedestal,

But you know it's just further to drop …

When you fall.

You push him away

Because it hurts

The thought of losing him

The thought of him leaving you.

You don't recognize your place

Mostly because it scares you

To be so close

To be too close

To be with him.

He said I love you

And you refused

He said I love you

And you pushed him away.