The forest was eerily silent. It seemed as though all was dead. Even the wind stood still in the vacuum of sound. The leaves shimmered with dew in the brilliant light of the full moon.

Like beats from a drum the man's heart pounded a terror rhythm. He ran through the underbrush haphazardly. Howls echoed from what seemed to be the bowels of the forest. His eyes became beacons of fear, piercing the phantasm reality with a harbinger of lost hope.

Swiftly a large wolf sprang from the inky blackness of the forest into the illuminating light of the moon. Bolting in pursuit of the man. Expelling a howl, lashing shivers down the poor man's spine.

The beast unleashed yet another hellish howl, giving warning to its swift assault. Lunging forward, jaws gapping wide. Its saliva shown silver in the moonlight and glinted off the fangs that hungered. The man's head swerved, looking over his shoulder. His eyes radiated what terror quaked his very soul. The wolf sunk its hungry teeth into the man's shoulder. Screaming in agony the man fell.

The moonlight began to fade. Clouds seethed over the pale luminosity. The man was dying slowly, his eyes grew in fear and shock as the beast that had hunted and soon to kill him started to change. In the absence of the full moon, the beast had turned into a man.

"Revenge is sweet" the beast paused; licking the blood from his face slowly. "Wouldn't you agree, father?" the beast grinned at the thought. The dying man's eyes grew wider, oozing from his skull.

"Faliant? Is that you?" as he said this, Faliant took a long knife and placed it to his father's neck.

"Yes father. It's me, I've come to kill you for what you did" He drew the blade crossed his throat to emphasize his statement. The clouds dissipated and the full moon revealed all it touched. As Faliant was transforming into a wolf once again he admired the inky blackness on his hands. He enjoyed the sight of blood under the silvery grace of the beautiful moon.