Part One

Have you ever sat in silence, and just watched the trees? The ones that stand tall and erect, like wise old men, who have been on this earth far too long? Or the slightly sinister ones, that seem to cringe in the wind, as though they still feel the pain of men? And some that reach forward, trying to touch the past, as if it were right in front of them, yet so hard to grasp? The deep and dark beauties that are never truly seen in good light, because they are hidden by the forests in which they have dwelled for ages? And the only way to view such a thing is to destroy the others around it, to let the rays of sun sink into the bark and the branches and the earth. Have you ever stopped to think, that maybe the trees know all that we cannot? The memories of our kind can never go back as far as nature, which has resided here for such a time. A whisper of the wind through the boughs can mean more than a hundred spoken words in any other language. The emotions that have been locked in these trees, has endured centuries of hate and war. And after it all, they still stand proudly. Have you ever sat in silence? Just watching the trees? And if you haven't, don't you think you should? Just to listen, to hear what they have to say, because what they know, it is far beyond what humans will ever understand…
Have you ever sat in silence…?

Part Two

Have you ever sat in silence, and listened to the whispers of the wind? Because they always seem to know what's wrong. They comfort you, not telling you it'll be all right, but letting you feel the truth on your own. It lifts your weeping heart, allowing you to breathe again. Have you ever sat in silence, and cried to the sky? Knowing it may be the only form of calm you ever see. Letting it wash over you with its clean form, surrounding everything in a pale light. Have you ever sat in silence, feeling the sun beat down on your back, warming your soul? It keeps you feeling alive, no longer weighed down with fear or sadness. Nature is always there, not asking for anything in return, but giving all its wonders up to others. It is everlasting, peaceful, and good. Have you ever sat in silence, and felt the world for all its beauty? Hoping, wishing you could just blend into the sycamore trees or the tall grasses? Because that is where we all want to be. Forever, just a being of softness, or a voice on the wind. Have you ever sat in silence…?