"Broadway Sestina"

Someday I'll reach Broadway,

my name will be in lights.

On opening night,

I'll know its been worth the wait,

Worth the sacrifice, worth the time

it took to get to this stage.

And I'll take center stage,

'cause I'm a Broadway

baby and a star this time.

And they start to light, those lights

and for my cue I wait,

to wow the crowd to-night.

Whether its "Cabaret" or "Just Imagine" or" Good-night

Saigon", with my voice, my body, my soul - I will own the stage

and as the song starts to cresendo, the audience will wait

as I belt that final note like the old stars of Broadway

half -blinded by the joyous lights

I can hardly see the crowd from up upon my stage

because its my time

to sing the "Music of the Night"

to dance so hard my make up fades under the lights

I'd give anything to be on stage

to be there on Broadway

How long will I have to wait?

Everything else will have to wait,

I don't have any time

For anything that doesn't lead to Broadway

Even my dreams take me there at night

To stand on that cold, harsh stage

but, be warmed by the lights

And although like my dream they dim, those lights

I linger, I stay and I wait

to leave that stage

until, its absolutely time

because some night,

I'll be awake, not dreaming and on Broadway

The lights go on and I wait to take the stage,

The time has come, tonight's the night, the dream's come true on Broadway!