Ebon night hums a soft song in the distance

This kind breeze the root of a drift in emotion

Words and thoughts sink into my flesh to where I feel you

A small gasp of a surreal future, I'd never though my own

Glimpsing the North start through the storm clouds captivates me

Imagining it to be like I'd seen the northern lights

Creep over the horizon for the first time

The resonance of this pure emotion consumes me as I longed for

This jaded heart stopped pumping crimson blood long ago

The night my companion, I shadows had consumed me

And seeking truth I found this embrace despairingly indulgent

Yet, to my confusion, I find you-a sanctuary for my restless heart

And mine for yours-as we have dwelled in the same depths of shadows

To think there was another in this same barren land, stripped of emotion

Speaking the same desires with eyes so seductively intoxicating

Daring to abandon my old content solitude, which guided me to carefully

I chase both recklessly and admiringly after this undiluted uninhibited expression

Unexpectedly my heart pumps something, although still lacking the crimson

I shall stray from the expected path to follow a passion that unhinges my soul

Awaiting the day when I will wrap my arms around you and draw near

Shiver with delight as my fingers twitch in yours, intertwined

A kiss like a fire, should it be restrained, it would only burn

Melting the rock-hard ice build around our solemn hearts

Trembling at my unattached childish fears holding still

That in each day I find no worthy fault but daily await loves assault

Yet, this is the path I choose to walk both recklessly and admiringly

I accept the tears and smiles together, m'love

For this is my love for you, and you alone;

I love you