Oh Miss Perfection, Don't Label Me

Just label me miss vanity,

Miss perfection,

Miss insanity,

Pretty face,

White sheen smile,

Then I break,

The mirror after a while.

Just label me miss unbias

Fair is square,

Unless its not,

A circle,

Tied into a knot,

Of thronging lies,

But that's not me,

I swear,

You'll see.

Just label me in depression,

Smiling through this mask I wear,

Though I cannot tear or rip,

It from,

My scowling mind,

Stare right on,

To miss perfection.

One more time,

Just label me,

Miss who you never,

Want to be,

Miss perfection is so kind,

So cruelly to be,

Oh miss perfection,

See the reflection,

Who does not,

Hold a candle to me.

A.A. Well, I have lost all sense of rhyme and rythm, so as to guess, at least I was directed, my poetry makes not much sense, but i suppose thats just a downer, cause some people are just never wrong, are they?