Man's best friend

One day about fifty years from now in these exact woods, maybe even in this exact spot, a boy was murdered. He had come with his stepfather to hunt good old St. Luis deer. Some how, the boy was attacked. He was so bloody and disfigured his mother had a hard time identifying his body. The stepfather said, "The dog just came out of nowhere and attacked him."

This left many with the question why didn't he shoot it? Another question everyone wanted to know was why didn't he have any marks on his legs, instead of not his hands and arms? Well needless to say the dog was taken back out into the woods and shot.

Now as it turned out many people began to make claims seeing the dog. The boy's stepfather felt the need to go and prove that he had shot the dog, but he couldn't find its body. Mean while, Pharisaic scientists, discovered that an animal did not murder the boy. His stepfather had murdered him.

Now, when the mother heard this news, she knew she should have listened to her heart, before she married the stepfather. As it turned out the dog was trying to protect the boy. Over the years, the claims of people seeing the dog grew. In fact, it was said that the dog was helping people. Like the teenage girls, who went into the woods with a male friend, who then tried to rape her. She claimed she heard growling and then a black dog was attacking her attacker. She didn't wait around; she just got up, ran to the car, and sped off into the distance of the towns.

Authorities went back to the spot and found the dog's body. The strange thing is that there were no paw prints around it, like the dog had been walking. The newspaper had a field day, trying to solve the mystery or at least give people a clue has to wants going on. There were as many as twelve cases of the ghost dog saving people, all around the county. Many of the people, who were being saved were women and children, and many men had been reported to have been missing, all of them with a ton of criminal records in the next state or from a neighboring city. One of the most notorious criminal's was Joe Brown, who had killed and raped three to five women and teenage girls.

As it turned out