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Damon tossed his keys on the counter, laid down his carry-on duffle bag and dropped onto the leather couch with a huge sigh. The flight had been long and he was exhausted … happy, but exhausted. Trent smiled at him as he dragged in their two large suitcases before joining him. Matt and Brian had already dumped their luggage off down the hall and were now occupying one of the chairs at the dining room table; Brian perched on Matt's lap as usual.

"What a trip," the small blonde murmured after yawning widely.

"You look tired, runt," Damon grinned. "Why don't you take your big blonde pillow and go to bed?"

"Too wired," he replied.

"Me too."

"You happy to be home?" Trent asked pulling Damon's head gently to his shoulder.

"Very," his lover replied.

Brian smiled knowingly at Matt. He'd been worried when they first went over that Damon might miss his old home once he went back. But thankfully that hadn't been the case. Matt gave him a squeeze and they settled back into the chair.

"You think Terry will follow through?" Brian asked. "I mean, I hope he does. Jamie looked pretty relieved after Terry's last trip to the doctor."

"I think he honestly will this time," said Damon. "He really thought Jamie would be better off after he died. I think now he finally sees how much that'll hurt the big breeder."

"He's not that bad, Damon," Matt laughed. "The way you described him, I thought he'd be this massive idiot who only communicated in mono-syllabic speech."

"For the most part, he is."

"He is not." Trent poked his lover in the ribs. "I was all ready to tear him a new asshole, too!"

"Could have used it, I bet," Damon muttered with a smirk.

"Kevin said he thinks Jamie wants to marry Terry next year when they come over," Brian piped in.

"Yeah?" Damon's eyebrows shot up. "For real?"

"Don't ruin the surprise! But that's what he said when he asked Kevin for his and Jay's phone number. He said something about being too … boogan? … to do it himself."

"Bogan," Damon laughed. "It means low-cultured." At Brian's frown, he sighed and clarified further. "White trash, I guess you'd say?"

"I wouldn't call him that," the small blonde insisted. "I never judge anyone … unless they piss me off."

"Calm down, twerp," the Australian laughed. "I was just explaining what he meant. I never accused you of calling him names."

Brian still looked unconvinced but Matt pulled him back against his chest and chuckled. "You two have to stop trying to convince us you can't stand each other."

"Yeah," Trent added. "We know you're friends."

"Sort of," Brian clarified.

"Yeah," said Damon. "And only because we have to spend so much time together."

"You do not," Matt laughed. "You two spend so much time together because you like to. Brian, you don't have to go to the skate park with Damon all the time. You don't even have a skateboard."

"And you," Trent tapped Damon on the shoulder, "don't have to watch all those soap operas with Brian."

"Who's to say I never watched them before?"

"I am," Matt laughed. "I was there when Brian explained all the intricate details of Days of Our Lives."

"Yeah, yeah," the small blond grumped. "So we're friends. Not close friends, though."

"Mm," Trent snorted. "That's why you come over every morning to make sure he takes his medicine."

"That's so he doesn't end up convulsing in my doorway again."

"And that's why he threw you a bridal shower," Matt pinched Brian's nose.

"Yeah, to get back at him for always telling me what a lousy home I keep," Damon insisted.

"Mm hmm," Trent and Matt said together.

Brian and Damon glared at each other and crossed their arms.

"You're still not fooling us," Trent laughed.

Damon snuggled into Trent's side later that night trying to get comfortable. The bigger man grinned and tightened his arms around him as he found just the right spot on his chest.

"Thanks for being so great to everyone on the trip," he murmured into the crook of Trent's neck.

"No need to thank me. I liked them all."

"Mm. I'm glad Lee didn't put you off too much."

"I think Lee was put off by Cody and Grant," he laughed. "Though I don't think he really minded too much."

"Brat needed that attitude adjustment." Damon squirmed against him again. "And I never really worked out how to do it."

"Grant's a seasoned dad and Cody's a natural. Lee didn't stand a chance."

"About time someone gave him what he deserved." Then he sighed and looked up at Trent in the darkness. "Sometimes I think I fucked him up as much as his mother did when he lived with her."

"Don't say that, Dame." He pulled his lover in closer. "It's not true. You did the best you could with him. When you first got him, he must have been a mess."

"Eh. A little worse than he is now, I guess."

"He seems like a normal sixteen-year-old to me. And Brett seems to have a good relationship with him."

"He always has," Damon sighed. "Lee started calling him 'dad' almost from the beginning."

"Well, I don't see him minding."

"Oh, he doesn't at all. He's thrilled to bits about it."

"Lee still cares about you, too, Damon. Did you see his face when you first walked in? He looked like he wanted to jump on you."

"I wanted to grab him, too. I didn't realize how much I'd missed him until I actually saw him again."

Trent laughed and tickled his partner's side. "I know. I saw the look on your face." Then he turned serious. "Sometimes I feel like I am keeping you from them."

"Yeah, well stop!" Damon commanded sternly. "I love them and I was thrilled to see them … especially that little Ella. But my life is here with you."

"I know," Trent smiled. "And I'm glad that now you'll get to see them two weeks a year."

"Me too. I wasn't sure Brett would agree to it, but he surprised me."

"Seems like he's moved on, too, hmm?" Trent tried to keep his tone light.

"He has, and I'm glad." Damon leaned up and kissed his lover's chin. "Mike's great for him, and he deserves to be happy."

"You do, too."

"And I am happy," Damon smiled sleepily. "Very happy."

"I love you."

"I love you, too, Trent. More than I ever thought I could be capable of."

The bigger man's heart thumped at that and he pushed Damon beneath him and kissed him deeply.

"Hey, hey! Aren't we too tired for sex?"

Trent flashed him his patented wickedly innocent sexy grin and all of Damon's fatigue flew out the window as he gave himself over his lover's seemingly insatiable desires.