Hey fictionpress readers! This is in the spiritual realm so I'm going to be blunt, this is about God and this is about Jesus Christ who died for us (Praise the Lord!) but more than that…it's really about how I was saved (Yes, part of this is very true) and how I would like you to rethink your thoughts on who is your King? and if that is going to save your soul, then my job is done. Please read…review to let me know what you think and here ya go! (Dedicated to Michael Vartan, if you've come to the Christian Faith, God Bless you...if not...I'm praying for you!)

Kristina Toffland

Dear David Weston...I want your soul to be saved


Alexander Christensen sat in the back of her best friend's white van with her eyes closed, her hand enclosed around the crystal cross that hung on a chain around her neck.

She knew that nobody would probably care but she was currently on a "high," She had been since she'd been awakened by the power of the Holy Spirit exactly seven days before.

"Oh Lord Jesus! Thank you for yet another glorious weekend outing. I know it was because You were with me that I kicked my boyfriend's butt in his favorite sport of basketball…because I trusted I can do it. It was so miraculous when I saw that orange ball swish through the net. I felt myself get so warm and I know for sure it was the strength of my faith which makes the Holy Spirit grow stronger within me," she prayed silently, her lips curving into a smile as if it was the most natural thing for lips to do.

She was finding that to happen more and more each day. If she recalled right, her co-workers had told her that she seemed to have a glow. She didn't remember them saying that about her when she'd had a superb weekend with her honey without Jesus by her side.

She wasn't sure whether to be disappointed by that or not but she knew it was just another blessing from the Lord. Hallelujah!

"…and you also probably heard me wondering about the souls of those playing around me. Lord I apologize that I didn't have the courage to just start shouting the Good News but You know the world has become such a different place."

"No, George Clooney is my crush's clone!" Alexandra heard one of her best friends, Candace Rochester insisted as she tried to push off the driver's innocent looking golden retriever so Alex's boyfriend could try and get his seat belt on. She'd of course, totally forgotten hers.

"Yeah right and I'm Tom Cruise," Jody Branson shot back, his handsome face distorted by a very uncharacteristic smirk. But then he paused in mid-thought and leaned over to his girlfriend, "Actually, maybe my sweet girl will attest to that. Alex, what do you think?"

Alex didn't respond. She was currently praying for the strength not to just knock some, "this is so ridiculous," sense into the ones sitting next to her.

"Ugh, Alex is not going to respond, she's probably doing that praying thing again," Candace snorted as she twirled her long dark hair with a finger.

Jody gave Candace that, "seriously?" gaze. Sure, he was devoted. He'd always thought Jesus was a good man and he gave him "kudos" for dying for human kind. But his girlfriend had gotten deeper into it than he ever thought a human being could.

"Oh come on guys, are we her friends or not?" Abigail Neely demanded as she pulled up to the exit of McDonald's.

"Oh, who asked you?" Jody sneered as she leaned in closer to Alex. Abigail received a more encouraging response from her boyfriend sitting in the passenger's seat.

This was enough chatter to break Alex out of what had become her safe haven.

"Well, look who's back," Candace chittered, batting her long eyelashes at Alex who looked not angry, but not happy either. "So, how was your talk with he who we cannot see?"

"Candace, that's not right, just because you don't' believe in anything," Abby grumbled as she put in her Sonic Flood CD.

As soon as the music started to flood the speakers of the vehicle, Candace gagged. Christian music was obviously not her thing.

Jody could careless, he was poking Alex in the side, laying kisses on her cheek, trying to get Alex to forgive him and to get his satisfaction that his girlfriend though he was as gorgeous as Tom Cruise, if not more.

"J, I already told you, it's okay."

"Alex, you're not… it's okay," Jody told her as he placed his arm around his girlfriend. "Just tell me what I can do to make up for it and if it includes physical contact…I'd be okay with it."

"JODY!" Alex cried out, shoving his arm away. "Why don't you have your seatbelt on?" she added, seeing his unbuckled state as s away to escape the current conversation.

"Sorry Mom, but Abby's dog is sitting on it," Jody shot back as she ran a hand quickly back through his hair like he did when he was frustrated. "And Candace was supposed to be helping me."


Abigail looked into her rearview mirror and became a bit upset herself. "Candace, you don't even have yours on! I am not paying a fine because you think it's cool to be irresponsible!"

"Sounds like we've got two chaperones," Jody joked to Candace who blushed from the attention he was giving her.

"Oh goodness, I'll help," Alex cut in swiftly and gently pushed the dog onto the floor and locked the seatbelt snugly around Jody who looked speechless from embarrassment. Considering his size, that certainly looked hillarious. "Candace, I hope you can do yours yourself or have Jody help you. I mean we're not rolling in money here, I don't think any of us planned to have to pay for a ticket."

Alexandra didn't wait for her best friend's reaction and sat back down in her seat instead. She closed her eyes, apologizing for her temper when she felt Jody's warm hand on hers.


Alex opened her eyes and was greeted by her boyfriend's face, a forced smile was spread across his expression. "Yeah, J?"

"Um…I know that you love God and you have this thing about needing to spread the Good News of Christs' coming because you believe we are in the End days but…do you have to pray…right now?"

Alex felt as though someone had just socked her in the stomach. "No…but today is Sunday and I guess I feel guilty about not going to church because I haven't been able to choose a denomination or to go to a Church without one."

Jody looked very uncomfortable. Alex was sure she wasn't going to like what he was going to say. "J…what is it?"

"Well…um…like I told you earlier this week when you told me about this awakening you had, I'm devoted too. I'm a Christian, we've been going to Church on Christmas Mass and Easter mass but you know I just don't like the Church and all this evangelism stuff."

Alex nodded with understanding. Yes, he had made that clear in the beginning.

"And when you talk about this stuff…I…I don't know…I guess I feel…a little annoyed?"

Alex couldn't breathe. She was sure Jody had just grasped her brachio tube and given it a good shake. Annoyed? Was he serious?

"Jody, you know how much realizing "I'm meant to be an evangelist" means to me and as my boyfriend, I thought you would be happy for me," she retorted, looking him squarely in the eye.

"I am…just…"

Alex never heard Jody finish his sentence.

All she remembered hearing was Abbys' boyfriend scream…he never screamed.

She turned her head to the window and her eyes locked onto the blue truck and the driver's horrified face for a split second before Alex threw herself against her side of the card and closed her eyes.

And then the collision happened. Alex was sure her body was being smashed, she could almost hear her bones crunching. The world seemed to be turning faster than any merry-go-around ever should. Her ears rang with her friends' screaming the whole time.

Then suddenly it all stopped.

And everything was quiet.

More to come…stay tuned…things are going to get interesting!

Kristina Toffland