"Ryle Hira.". Simple words from a dead language. In short, their meaning is also simple: "Life is what it is." Life, being what it is, changes often, but, it is still life, and as such, it should be treasured, good or bad! You should take it and be happy. Oddly enough, even when things are good, humans have a tendency to look for darkness in their lives, even to the point of making it up, just to be able to turn to the world and say "See how miserable I am?" Very few can, or are willing to look for the good in life. Some say these people are optimists, or idealists, or even fools, but wouldn't the world be a better place if more people looked for the light in the darkest places? In a certain series of Novels, there is a person called the Ilia'chenvar, the Bringer of Light into Dark Places. In the books, this person carried a rather impressive sword, but no one can deny the fact that we could use a few "Carriers of Light" ourselves; for these are dark times are they not? Death everywhere you turn on the news, in our dreams, and our hopes, threat in the skies, poison in the air… We need hope. Call me a hopeless romantic, or a hippie, but deep down, you know it's true. Look for the light. Find some sliver of happiness, and hold on to it for as long as you live. In the end, it's what will deliver us all to whatever time of peace and prosperity may come.


Inspired by the Rhapsody Trilogy by Elizabeth Haydon.

"Ryle Hira" is ancient Seren in the books, meaning what I said above.