Oh, I so love stalking you. I love watching you and seeing you fidget nervously because you know someone is watching you but you can't tell who it is. You'd never guess it was me. Never in a million years…


Alexis Mayor walked quickly to her car in the mall parking lot. Rain had quietly begun to fall, the small drops slowly soaking her hair and clinging to every single one of her eyelashes.

Not that I was close enough to see her eyelashes, but I'm guessing that the raindrops were clinging to them.

She paused for a second at the door of her silver Honda, fumbling with her keys and looking around nervously. I knew she wasn't looking for me; there was no way she could know I was there, sitting in the car parked across the row from hers. Perhaps she sensed someone was watching her—she always was a smart little girl.

Extremely smart, in fact. With dreams of getting into Harvard, Alexis was most likely going to graduate at the top of her class next year. It was hard to believe she was only a junior, with all the things she had already accomplished. Taking all advanced classes this year except math.

"Stupid, stupid math, huh Alexis?" I said aloud, a small smile playing across my lips. Math always had been Alexis's drawback. She had barely scraped by an A this last quarter, and it had taken considerable amounts of extra credit.

You still haven't told me exactly how you managed to get a hold of that extra credit, I thought to myself as Alexis finally got into her car and pulled out of her parking place. Makes me a little curious.

As Alexis's car sped out of the parking lot, I started up my own vehicle and followed hers. She was a daring driver, weaving in and out of traffic expertly. The rain had started coming down with full force now, pounding on my windshield and clouding my vision just a little. I switched on my window wipers and just managed to get a glimpse at her little car as she turned onto the freeway onramp.

Oh yes, I thought. Very curious, indeed.


Alexis glanced in the mirror and brushed her naturally blonde bangs out of her eyes. They were slightly damp from the rain, but nothing that would cause considerable damage.

This was the last thing I needed today, she thought irritably to herself. Rain! I don't even have time to take a shower when I get home. I have to slip on the dress and drive over to Claire's…

Her schedule had been like this all week. Run, run, run. Rush, rush, rush. No time to stop. No time to eat, No time to think. No time to breathe. Hurry, hurry, hurry. She had thought that since exams were over she would have a little more time to relax but nooo…she had to go and persuade her math teacher to give her extra credit and the guilt was killing her.

It was all Claire's idea, she thought to herself angrily. It's all Claire's stupid fault. All her stupid…

But it wasn't Claire's fault. Alexis knew that she had made her own choices and her own decisions about what she did to pass a class. Normally, though, she would've studied. Normally, she wouldn't result to the lowest form of passing known to mankind. Normally, she would have straight A's, though.

Now, that is Jared's fault, she thought genuinely. If he wasn't prone to calling every time I'm studying and taking me out on romantic dates every other night and being so. damn. perfect. I might be passing the class of my own accord.

She drove up to her house, grabbed her shopping bag, and raced inside with her hands over her head. Once inside, she stripped down and pulled the red silk off-the-shoulders dress over her head and released her hair from the clip that had been holding it up. The rain had made her hair curl naturally so there were tiny ringlets framing her face and cascading down her back. She quickly fixed her make-up and put on her mother's diamond earrings, followed closely by the necklace Jared had given her on their six-month anniversary.

Grabbing the matching red silk clutch she had bought at the mall, Alexis raced out the door. Ten seconds later, she raced back inside and kicked off her sneakers, replacing them with the strappy red heels she had left by the door.

It's a good thing I did my nails last night, she thought as she ran out the door and over to her car, hands over head like the last time. Now, the rain was coming down harder than ever and her dress was dotted with dark red spots when she finally jammed her keys into the ignition and started up the engine.

This is great, she thought as she fingered one of the wet spots on her lap and glanced up at the clock. And now I'm late. Just…freaking…great.

She backed up out of her driveway and drove crazily down the street with a screech of her tires.

Parked on the other side of the street, someone sat inside of their car and laughed.