Confessions of a Rain Drop

She sat on the park bench and let her tears mix in with the pouring rain. A flash of lightning lit up the sky and was followed by a clap of thunder. She didn't care. The rain was her best friend. Her only friend at that. She closed her eyes and raised it to the sky letting the drops splat onto her cheeks.

"My feelings are full of hatred and my heart is full of pain. My only way to escape my life is the rain." she recited the line she said ever since she could remember.

"Wow never heard that one before." a voice came from behind her. She jumped at the sudden sound. The voice laughed. "Sorry didn't mean to scare you." She turned around on the bench and there stood a boy who looked to be about 17 or so. He looked to be about 6'1 and had sandy blonde hair. Though she could be wrong after all it was 3 in the morning.

"So what's a girl doing out here in the park at night?" he said. The girl didn't answer him. The boy shrugged.

"You don't have to answer. It's no big deal. After all I am a stranger and you wouldn't want to talk to a stranger now would you?" She couldn't tell but he was grinning.

He came around the bench and sat down next to her. She looked down and her heavy with water fell down around her shoulders and stuck to her shoulders. They were quiet for a while. She was surprised at her self just how much she liked him being near her.

She had been coming to the park every night for the past month and he was there every night. She didn't know his name nor or old he was. He never tried to talk to her but he was always friendly. She hadn't said a single word in the past 3 years except that one line that had saved her from breaking down. She had stopped talking when she was 15 when her parents died and she was sent to the orphanage. She had spent a couple months in the prison before running away. Since then she had lived in an apartment just barely getting by. She liked to come to the park at night though. Especially when it was raining. She was a very sad person. She was filled with sorrow and pain. Having been raped repeatedly in the orphanage and then being beaten by the people there. Her parents had never loved her either. They were always to busy with their own lives to even care what happened to their precious daughter. She had begun cutting her self and had stopped talking.

"Hey are you alright girlie? You look distracted." The boy said. She looked up at him. The rain slowed a little and he put an arm around her shaking shoulders. She smiled at his concern. She did feel a bit light headed. Wow. He has beautiful eyes. She thought. The boy pulled her close and held her.

"You know coming out hear every night could really make you sick, especially when it's raining like this." He told her kindly. She didn't hear him. The words sounded far away to her. She felt numb all over and her vision was becoming blurred.

"Can you understand me?" He asked his eyes filled with worry. She looked into his eyes and realized just how much he had saved her. She remembered all the nights she was so close to ending her life and after seeing him she convinced herself to go on with one more day. All the nights when he held her close and didn't say a word.

"Chica? Answer me! Please!? " He was worried about her but she didn't hear a single one of his pleas.

"Come on girlie! Talk to me. Or at least make a sign you can hear me." He was starting to panic. The girl just stared up at the boy she admired loved even and her eye lids grew heavy.

"Girlie?" The boy laid her down on his lap and the rain still poured. He brushed her wet hair out of her eyes and looked into them. They were a beautiful shade of green. The girl was unaware of all of these actions and her eyes gently closed. The boy watched her with sadness. She was dying and he knew it. Slowly his face went down to her face. She was barely breathing. His lips met hers and he gently kissed her. The girl was thinking still about the boy. She was barely conscious. Then she stopped breathing. Her heart stropped beating and she was gone. The boy had pulled away from her. Little did the girl know that she to had saved him. His family were drug addicts as well as abusive. The only thing that saved him were the same meetings that had saved her.

"Thank you girlie. Thank you." He leaned his head back and let a single tear drop fall from his eye and it too mixed with the rain. The wind howled and a streak of lightning flashed through the night sky. Slowly followed by a faint boom of thunder. He didn't care. Rain was now his best friend. Then slowly he recited "My feelings are full of hatred and my heart is full of pain. My only way to escape my life is the rain."