You send me mixed messages

You speak deceptive words

Do you like me?

You're like the burning fire

The one for me, the one I truly desire

Your mesmerizing smile makes me weak

The sight of you makes my heart skip a beat

Do you like me?

I saw you sitting with others

But instead of acknowledging me you avoid my gaze

What's going on? I'm stuck in a puzzle of confusion

Do you like me?

You remember my birthday

You call and I love the way you pronounce my name!

Do you like me?

It's all so perplexing and not explicable

I will wait until the end of time

For the day you can be mine

I can offer you comfort without the complication of commitment

Do you like me?

Without you I feel the typical symptom of heartache

Heaviness, emptiness, sadness and loneliness

Am I contemplating the insurmountable?

Thinking you and I can be

That our two hearts can beat as one

Do you like me?

I'm always thinking of you

Hoping that you're dreaming of me too

My love for you is special

Please don't say it's not essential

Do you like me?

In my magical fairytale

You and I are meant to be

The thought of you makes me smile

The one I truly deeply desire

But I just really want to know

Do you like me? The way I like you!