A meeting with Satan.

I am the way into the city of woe; I am the way to the forsaken people. I am the way into eternal sorrow, sacred justice moved my architect. I was raised here by divine omnipotence. Primordial love and ultimate intellect. Only those elements time cannot wear were made before me. And beyond time I stand. So abandon all hope ye who enter me.

These words that was said by Dante in his book the inferno, was now being said to me by these demons that now stand before me just to greet me distastefully. With their yellow teeth and out spread wings. And with their savage weapons in their hands. Looking to dismember another soul. My soul now. He is the one whom holds the office given him by the most high god. One demon said to the other. And Satan himself cannot capture him soul. The third demon said to the first. Than let us capture his soul as a gift to him. That we may have a higher office ourselves. But than the first demon said to the others, are we fools born of pure darkness? They reply we are. The first said to the other. If our master cannot capture his soul and office given to him by the highest god can we? Than they made the greediest sound heard by a human ear. For in the moment the evilest of them all appeared. (Satan) who now speaks. Go now my children and capture him soul, that I may have a good laugh. For look now to the distance to that strange light that shine and stands ready to strike you all down.

For he who rules heaven has his hedge around this soul. And as the demons stood still I turned around to see this sight. But I was no light, but an angel standing with the sword of glory and in full arms. So when I turn back to see those demons and Satan. There was one there but Satan. Who now open his foul mouth to say? Soul seeker again we meet. Why than is this so? That one who created us all wishes to punish me with your being here again. Knowing that even I cannot touch you. I than reply, Satan it is not by my will but his. It is not by my wisdom but his intellect that I return to this dreadful place. For if it was mine will, you foul beast would not know or have seen my face ever never. Satan reply – so, I than say – so what. (Satan) what is it that he wish for you here. I replied, Satan you know better than all others that his will and his mystery is his. Satan than yelled to the foremost outer realm of heaven. Why do you master who created things from invisible to visible do you torment me with this foul knowledge that you created from dust? Do they not know that earth shall be mine in time? That you would place me upon them when you turn away your glory? And in every human heart I shall place fear and terror in place of love and peace? Than Satan look at me and said, go you way through sheol, and no evil should touch you. Less you are tempted by your own limited knowledge seeker. And with that I departed from Satan sight to go and do the lords will.

By Ronald, Campbell…