My twin swords are sheathed across my back.

I walk into the bar, pausing only to reach back and make sure that my twin rapiers are with-in easy reach. I look around as my hand reaches back, my lazer sight searching everyone's mind, searching for my target. I don't see her, but I do see someone else.

"Selena!," I yell as I cross the crowded room filled with jacked-up dealers and trigger-happy gangsters.

She looks at me and smiles. "Joe! God, am I happy to see you!"

She stands as I approach, her arms outstretched to embrace me. But I neither hug nor kiss her.

My arm moves like lightning, whipping one of my rapier's from its sheathe. Selena's customer gulps as my sword comes into contact with the tender skin of his throat. He slowly removes his hand from beneath her skirt.

"Buzz off, buddy. This one's mine," I growl, my swordpoint pressing into his neck.

Selena looks down at her customer. "Better do what he says…I think he means business." Then she looks my way, laughter dancing in her eyes. "Joe your really bad for business, ya know?"

I sheathe my rapier as I push her toward a darkened booth in the back of the bar. "So I figured. Have you what I need?"

Of course, she doesn't answer right away. She walks slowly and silently toward the booth, swishing her skirt and unbuttoning her shirt down the front as she walks through all the hungry-looking males in the bar. Sitting down in the booth, she smooths her skirt, than reaches down between her breasts and and pulls out a key.

She slaps my hand as I reach for the key. "Not so fast there, buddy boy," she whispers silkily, her free hand being slowly engaged in acts of…uh…interest.

I smile slowly, pulling her into a hug. "Sorry…," I whisper. Twisting my hand, Selena lets out a gasp, then she slumps forward, her long red hair hiding the poisoned dagger sticking through her back…

"Bitch.", I mutter, taking the key from her pale fingers. Looking around to make sure no-one could see what was going on, I quickly mutter a few arcane words and fade from sight. Slipping back through the bar, I free one of my swords from its sheathe, feeling the magic swirling within the blade.

Walking out into the night, I softly whisper a Death mark. I don't turn at the sound of running men behind me, for I know the cause of their distress. A burning woman with bright red hair slowly fading into the Netherworld…