Severed Friendship

I sit here holding one half of a friendship necklace. I don't know where the other half is. Lost somewhere, perhaps, or stuck in the depths of a drawer. All I know is that it is definitely not around her neck. Her. I hate her.

She used to be my best friend. I think. When you're a little girl, a friendship necklace pretty much seals the deal. Friends, my half reads, engraved in half of a heart, dangling from a piece of ribbon. Her half said forever. Friends forever. Ha.

We were in fifth grade. The same class, seats close together. Best friends. We couldn't have been happier. Then some other girl moved to our town. Her name was Ashley.

That's when it began.

The first time she lied to me, I believed her. I had every right to. After all, we were best friends. I had the necklace to prove. She told me she had to go to a funeral. Looking back, I realize that after she started to hang around Ashley, she never said anything truthful to me again.

Then, they began spying on me. My mom actually caught them. We lived about five houses away from each other, so coming over and looking in my basement window wasn't exactly difficult. I was in a play that year. I had been in a play every year since second grade. But this year was different. I had a lead part. I played a 60's rockstar. She was in it, too. I honestly don't know why she joined. She's really shy and quiet and doesn't really enjoy acting. For some reason she got even colder when she found out I had a lead part. In one scene, I got to ride down the middle of the auditorium in a "bus" which had been constructed out of wood. Everyone else was supposed to wave and cheer when I came down the aisle. Everyone did. Everyone except her, that is. She sat on the risers looking bored. Then, one day I had a girl who was also had a lead in the play over. The girl rode the bus home with me. I could feel her cold stares as we rode along. She and Ashley (who was going over her house) looked at me the whole time. Then they snuck up to the side of my house later that day and spied on me. The nerve…

We grew apart over the years, she and I. She moved to California in tenth grade. I never saw her again. Not that I really care. She used to be my best friend, but she betrayed me. I still wonder though… where is the other half of this severed friendship necklace?