Authors Note: okies so this is an idea thatI have been tossing around in my head for the past few years. I have the first chapter mostly written and i will probrably add it in about a week. hopefully less it just depends how long julia is going to take on her Coffe Break!


The year is 1933 the place London England. In an orphanage much neglected by all. There lives two sisters Julia and Adie who arrived by mysterious circumstances at this house. But unbeknownst to them, this seeming house of help and charity is a house of evil, run by an evil headmistress madam LeClour. This wicked woman has enchanted all who live there to think that she must be followed and that all who do not follow her are evil, and must be eliminated. But there are those who fight her, those who don't believe in her evil ways. Julia and Adie are the key to madam LeClour's victory over all, or to her destruction but each sister must make a choice, a choice to live with or without a special power inherent in them or to become evil, foul, a scourge upon mankind. Each sister must make the choice independently of the other with different tests of character. What will they choose? Who will win

Note on time differences and such: Please keep in mind that when you are reading this that it is set in a universe parallel to our own. so if Julia is wearing pants and Devon is wearing all black just keep in mind PARALLEL UNIVERSE!

Enjoy the oddness.