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Night's shadow:

Cast of Characters

Julia – a 16 year old girl she was left at the orphanage with her sister Adie when she was nine, doesn't have many friends at the orphanage

Adie - Julia's sister also left at the orphanage but Adie is one year older than Julia so she knows more what the situation was like that her parents left them at the orphanage

Devon – best friend to Julia and sort of likes her but she doesn't notice his attention in that way she's to concerned with coping with the loss of her parents

Madam leclour – headmistress to the orphanage she is very strict but she has a secret to hide and no one can guess what it is she is very interested with Julia and Adie because she knows what special powers they have even if they don't she will try to take advantage of them

Elena- she is a very cruel girl who likes Devon a lot and will do any thing to get him to be hers

Alexis - she follows Elena anywhere like part of a group

Marrien - of the few girls at the orphanage who seems to like Julia but she doesn't want to lose face in front of Elena's group especially in front of her sister Carrisa

Carrisa - Marrien's sister she is a big part of Elena's group but she holds allegiance to her sister and only her sister

Jared Jared is a good friend to Devon or so it seems but his true allegiance is to Madame leclour but will Julia find out in time because Jared's true reason for joining madam leclour is all to do with Julia

Nicholas - Nicholas is both Julia and Devon's friend but he is at the very edges of the group and its common knowledge that he likes Julia so naturally Devon starts to grow suspicious of him at the time when he really needs him.

Derrick - Derrick is attached to Elena and he would do any thing to have her but he knows that Elena is infatuated with Devon so he needs to get Devon out of the picture because even though Elena loves Derrick. Derrick doesn't want her to be with anyone other than him

James - one of the boy's who is truly soulless all he wants is for madam leclour's plan to come through to it's conclusion

David - all David wants it to impress Marrien but he doesn't know what she wants

Ms Hicksford – the principal of the school, which is part of the orphanage. There was a lot of turbulence at her appointment because Mr. Kramer had been slated for the job but the city of London wanted to have a liaison to the school to make sure every thing was all right so she has had to face a lot of fire from Mrs. Kramer and others because they think she's a woman doing a mans job.

Ms Kramer – the academic teacher of the orphanage she has a vendetta against Ms. Hicksford and she has been madam Leclour's friend since they were children but Julia thinks that Ms. Kramer is one of the only people whom she can trust

Mr Kramer – the athletics teacher of the orphanage he loves Ms. Kramer and yet he looks at all the girls in his class luckily his wife doesn't know or else the girls would be in serious trouble. He is absolutely devoted to Madame Leclour who saved his wife when she was little

Authors Note: so this is just a running list of characters that i have right now. they all insist that i list them even though they are figments of my imagination. Sigh they threatened to go on Strike. they even insisted that i feed them every day. I mean what is that all about?