New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is a time to celebrate the end of a year and to welcome the new year. It is also a time for people to tell the other their true feelings before another year pass by, before everything goes back to normal.

To: Derek
Subject: None

Hi, you do not need to reply this note, or reading it. In fact, I do not even want you to reply it. I will be happy if you can ignore whatever I say after reading it, or do not bother reading it and delete it. There is something I want to tell you before the clock strikes twelve, before the year ends, before Cinderella turns back into a servant, before I loose my guts, before I built up another wall. I miss you. I miss you, a lot.

Ever since the beginning of this winter break, I had been waiting, waiting for you greetings, even though I doubt you would give me one, but in the end you still did. I was happy, truly. I knew you send me one just to be polite but that was enough. I replied to your e-mail and kept my words to a minimum. They were direct and clear because I did not want to show any feelings through my writing. I was afraid that you would figure out my feelings through my replies. However, no matter how much surface work I do, there are something I can never change. I can never change my feelings toward you; I can never change your place in my heart; I can never change the past.

If you have read this far, please do not reply. Because there will only be two kinds of replies, one of them will hurt me badly and the other will make me happy yet it is a lie. I do not want to wake up from a stupid dream and find myself covered in blood. Those wounds are not easy to heal and I do not want to break them again or get a new cut. I do not know how much lies you have told me and I do not care about it anymore, because no matter what you have told me, I believed in you and get hurt. Stupid, isn't it? But why does this keep happening to me? Because... Because... You know the answer perfectly. I guess I have said enough. Thank you for your time.



Maybe this did not happened on New Year's Eve, but in somewhere it happened. The girl did write the e-mail on New Year's Eve but this was one e-mail that was never send because no matter what she couldn't put down her pride in front of that was over and she knew. Even though it were New Year's Eve, to her it was no excuse to release her feelings.

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