I don't know what made you think

I don't know when you began to see

That my love for you

Was hurting me

Was it the closeness of my voice?

The connection of our eyes?

The fact that I knew your thoughts?

And you knew mine?

Perhaps, maybe, possibly

It was

The fact that I touched you

Like no other girl could

You made my blood run cold

Frozen like ice

I broke through those walls

When I got inside it was nice

When I got too far in

You pulled me all the way out

You scolded me

And I kicked you in your mouth

How can you say?

That you can't love me all the way?

When we reached a point

That not even God would want to take away?

I guess this is sayonara

Maybe goodbye is better

I'll sing you a song

You'll write me a letter

In the middle we'll both meet

Maybe somewhere closer then begin

To tell how our love story

Tragically ends