The clouds grow whiter,

On the other side,

For only I can tell.

Left and right,

These white things turn,

Around my white winged shell.

Looking down,

To my feet's own stance,

Looking through to air.

Lands abound,

Beneath my form,

That I do grandly wear.

Who dares to defy me?

Queen of all the earth,

But mortals dare to stare.

At my beauty,

Graced eternal,

Wings do always spare.

Monks shrink back,

Priests shudder,

The cursed one.

Blessed Archers,

Aim at thee,

Wan' to run.

I dare not flinch,

From the kind,

I seek to protect.

They have no mind,

Think alike,

Only to detect.

Loosed arrows,

Cut me deep,

My sorrow fills the seas.

My own children,

Loath to slay,

All true, but to me.

The mother race,

All assassinated,

Only one still left.

Spiraling closer,

Fire binds,

To the darkest depths.

My wings are bound,

My heart is flailing,

At my deepest wound.

In a second,

All is tilted,

All the earth is doomed.

My existence,

Suddenly shattered,

I glance up to the stars.

Fallen angel,

Heart cries out,

Sky dream full of shards.

In one brief flash,

Blinding agony,

All I am is gone.

Watching, waiting,

Nightmares beckon,

For I'm lost in the air.

-Rachel Morgan.

A/N This poem was inspired by an anime called "Air" that recently came out. Sad tale, and I felt inspired by the name. Hopefully this can go into the book I plan on making.

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