Playing Ball

The Girlfriend wept fiercely as her boyfriend, Menashe Komemi, was lowered into his grave. 'He died honorably in the line of duty.' she was told by many. Who cared if he died honorably? The Girlfriend thought bitterly to herself. He's dead, and he isn't coming back. She wept even harder upon hearing herself say that in her mind. She had been trying to avoid thinking that…trying to avoid making it real. In her head she had wanted to believe he wasn't dead…but the harsh reality struck her like a ton of bricks. He wasn't just out patrolling the border as she waited for him nervously at home. He was gone, and he there was no chance of him coming back.

The Girlfriend whimpered and tried to fling herself onto Menashe's grave, to hug the dirt that swallowed her boyfriend's body. She noted only briefly the strong arms of Menashe's fellow soldiers and friends when her knees began to give-way. "Menashe" she whispered quietly as she succumbed to the warm inky depths of a grieving woman's despair.

The Girlfriend sat on her bed, holding her legs close to her face, eyes swollen and red from the outpour of tears. Six weeks had passed, yet the pain she felt had not ebbed away, as all had assured her it would. She cried silently into her dress as it gathered near her knees. During her moments of remorse, she often heard children laughing while they played outside. Now was no exception. Today, the children were playing ball, and, to her, they were having too much fun. She inwardly snarled at them, jealous of their joy. The Girlfriend stood at the window, and leaned out, ready to yell at the children to be quiet, when she herself was silenced. As she stared at the happy faces, she could not bring herself to tell them to stop. She realized she had no right to take happiness away from others just because she was feeling miserable.

So, she stood there, unable to look away, and yet unable to stop crying. After a few moments, one of the kids heard her sobs. He stopped the ball, ignoring his friends cries of confusion, looked up, and saw her staring from the window with tears glistening down her cheeks. Feeling pity, the child called to her.

"Hey! Ma'am! Do…Do you want to come play with us?" the child called nervously.

The Girlfriend was taken aback by the child's sense of compassion. In all the six weeks she had been grieving, not a single person had tried to cheer her up. All they did was reassure her that Menashe was a great man, which only made her feel more sorrow at having lost him. For the first time in a long while, the Girlfriend gave a truly beautiful smile. The child could not help himself, and smiled back.

The Girlfriend gave a little chuckle and said, "You know…I'd love to." Inside, the Girlfriend felt as if a window had just been opened, and through it blew a breeze, wiping away the stagnancy of the past few weeks. I miss you Menashe, and I'll always love you…but it's time for me to move on… she thought as she ran down the stairs to the street below.