Holding Hands,

Sharing secrets,

Crying on the shoulder

Of the invisible man.

Talking to someone who isn't there,

Having no one who cares,

Hugging thin air.

Makes me wonder why?

What's wrong with me?

No one ever says hi,

Was this meant to be?

Falling through life,

Looking for the stuff

Of the invisible man.

No one is there.

Frantically looking,

I must be blind!

Not one friendly face.

I am lost,

Wandering the path of life,

Nothing feels right.

Walking alone,

Searching the empty corners.

Your face is up ahead,

I run and fall

Through a hole of darkness.

I land in a hell

Of other lonely souls,

And I know I wasn't meant to be with you.

I take comfort in the loneliness,

But it's wrong.

They have loved and lost.


What is love?

I know not.

No one has ever been there.

No one to hold,

No one to laugh with,

NO one to hug,

No one to share with,

No one to talk to,

No one to cry on,

No one to love,

But the invisible man.