yep this was just for fun ,i think ill make ita sorta prequal to Nights Shadow


"Excuse me but do you know where I can find a Mr. Tomas brown?" I asked the receptionist.

"One moment please mame," she said as I leaned against the counter.

While I waited, I studied the room I was in. It wasn't a very large or grand room. In fact I realized it was a vestibule and a plain one at that. There were a few people milling about at the entrance but besides that it was fairly devoid of people.

"Miss", I turned toward the receptionist," Mr brown is in room 549, he is expecting you."

" Thank you" I said.

As I walked to the other side of the room I passed a mother and her crying child.

When I got onto the elevator and pressed the button for level five I saw that the mother was heading toward the elevator. "Hey could you hold the door for us?" the mother said as she brought her daughter onto the elevator.

"What level."

"Level three please. Your not from around here are you?" the mother asked.

She was a very common looking person nothing to distinguish her from any other person. Nothing to suggest weather she was a good mother, a bad mother, or indifferent. "No I'm just visiting a friend", I said as I saw the child tugging on her mother's hand.

"Mommy, mommy is our stop now?" the child asked expectantly, just as the elevator opened to admit them to the floor.

"Oh. Well bye then." The mother said, as she was lead by her daughter off of the elevator.

When the doors closed I pulled a mirror out of my purse to make sure that I looked presentable. When the elevator doors opened to admit me to the fifth floor I walked purposely toward room five forty nine.

As I reached the door I hesitated for a moment and then strode purposely in to the room. The room was small and dark in appearance. In the middle of it was a bed with Tomas in it. "Hello Tomas, how are you doing to day?"

Tomas was of middling height and slightly dumpy, but then he had always been that way. "Fine deary fine." He answered in a thin, wispy voice. He had that dazed look in his eyes again, I thought.

"Tomas do you know who I am?" I asked him.

He gave me a blank smile and said, "of course I do. Your that nice lady that comes to see me every week."

" I see and do you remember anything else about me. Anything at all?"

"No should I?"

"Tomas my name is Alice Winters and I've been coming to see you for the last three years. You saved my life when I was six. You saved my sisters life as well. Do you remember any of that?" I asked frankly worried.

This was a new development. He remembered last week. It shouldn't be progressing this fast the doctor said it shouldn't. "No, but I think Alice is a very pretty name I like it." He said in ponderous way.

I swallowed my fear and said, "Why thank you Tomas. Tomas I'm going to talk to your doctor now so will you be okay alone for a moment?"

"Yes, but you will be back wont you?"

"Yes Tomas Ill be back I promise." I said as I got up from the chair I had been sitting in and made my way toward the door all the while giving Tomas a small smile to reassure him that I indeed would be back.

As soon as the door had closed I made my way to the nurse's station and asked the nurse there "excuse me but may I please speak to doctor Leinhard?"

" Of course. You'll bee ms. Winters then, he is in his office. He thought you would want to speak to him. Do you know the way?"

"Yes I do, thank you" I turned away and walked down the hallway back toward the elevators... When I got to dr. Leinhard's office I knocked on the door, waited a moment, and then strode in without waiting for a response. When I walked in I saw dr. Leinhard bent over some papers on his desk

"hello dr. leinhard how are you today?"

"Oh hello Alice." he said," I was expecting you "

"I wonder," I said in an angry voice my rage building with every word I said, " when were you going to tell me that Tomas has been getting worse?"

Dr. leinhard didn't look very surprised at my entrance but he did look annoyed. "Alice I didn't call you right away because I didn't want you to come see Tomas on a different day than what he is used to. You know that he needs a stable schedule to rely upon." The doctor said firmly.

I realized that what the doctor said was true. He had told me that, three years ago when Tomas had first been admitted to the hospital. He had said that the progression of Alzheimer's varied wildly from patient to patient. "I suppose you are right doctor but he remembered me last week. Why doesn't he remember this week? I thought that the progression wouldn't happen this fast At least that's what you told me when he was first admitted into the hospital." I wondered if he had been entirely truthful three years ago. Doctor leinhard looked at me for a moment as though considering how to answer.

" Alice, all that I told you back then was true. Back then it was true, but now, now all that has changed. The rate o f progression has increased dramatically. Which means that he is losing memory at an exponential rate. Tell me did he remember you at all?"

"No, not really he just called me 'the nice lady' that comes to see him every week why do you ask?" I wondered if that meant anything, anything important at least.

"Well Alice it means that his memory loss might not be as bad as we first thought. It might be reversible, at least partially. He will lose his memory eventually. You do realize that, don't you? One day he won't remember you at all. You will just be a blank face to him. But he might remember some things now if you tell him stories. Every time you see him tell him stories about his life, about what he's accomplished."

I wondered how that would help anything and I stated as much

"Well, Alice, since he remembers you at least partially, you may be able jog his memory of you. And so his apparent memory loss of you might be temporary at least for now. Do you understand what I'm saying Alice?"

"Yes I understand doctor. Should I visit more regularly now that we know that his condition has changed?"

The doctor looked at me for a moment and said, "no I don't think that, that would be a good idea right now you could throw him into confusion. Just visit him on the regular schedule. And speaking of schedules I would recommend that you visit Tomas. He's probably worried that you aren't going to visit him anymore." When the doctor said that I checked my watch and saw that I had been gone almost twenty minutes. Tomas was probably frantic by now he had always hated it when I was late. "

Your right doctor ill be going now."

As I made my leave the doctor had one more piece of advice.

"Alice, remember you never know how long you have in this world so make the most of it. Okay."

I turned back toward him and said "I will thank you" and I left his office to go tell my friend stories.