Her name was Angela Moon. She was seventeen years old. She had brown hair and hazel colored eyes. She was tan, slender, and very tall. She was walking along Café Street when suddenly a car ran right over her. She never had a chance to live since she died instantly. She went to Marie Strider High School. Her memory remains in all of our hearts as we pray for her. Her wake is on Sunday, March 18, 2005 12:00 p.m. Lunch will be served. Her funeral is on Wednesday, March, 21, 2005 5:00 p.m. Dinner will be served. Please contact the Moon's at 564-3625 for directions and more information. The funeral and the wake are open to the public so, please feel free to come.

Luke Turner finished reading the advertisement about Angela in the newspaper. They had been in the same grade. They hadn't known each other except for an occasional hello because Angela was popular and Luke wasn't a loser, but he wasn't popular either. He was in the middle. He had brown hair and large, beautiful turqoise colored eyes. His skin was naturally tan. He was tall, thin, and very muscular. He was pretty sure that lots of people would be at her funeral and wake. "Mom, should I go?" He asked. "Are you talking about Angela's funeral and wake?" His mom, Lucy Turner asked as she straightened her glasses. "Yes, I didn't really know her that well, so, I'm not sure whether I should go." "Son, you should never think like that. I am sure that her parents and any siblings that she may have need all the support they can get from the community. If you are very scared of going your mother and I can come or you can see if one of your friend's is going." His father, Richard Strider said. "Well, I think Zach might go." Luke said. "Well, then give him a call. Oh, and be sure to give her family your sympathies and your mother's and mine. Or perhaps we should just go." His father said. "Yes, I think we should Dear. As you said before they need all the support they can get. We will go so, Luke don't call Zach." His mother said. Luke stopped dialing and hung up the silver, mobile, Panasonic phone. He grabbed his red, hooded sweatshirt. "Mom, Dad, I'm going out for a run."

He often ran when he needed to get his mind off of things. He didn't want to think about Angela dying. He didn't know her well enough to cry, but he still felt sad. Even though the majority of the popular kids had been snobs, Angela hadn't been one. She had been nice to all which most certainlty put her in the position of most popular girl. Of course her beauty and wealth helped. Luke was sure that Angela had never remembered or she didn't want to think back on this, but in fourth grade Luke remembered Angela and him being friends. If Luke ever told anyone he was sure that no one would believe him because what would his word be against Angelas? It would be worth nothing. They had stopped being friends because Angela had said, "Boys and girls can't just be friends. They have to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Do you want to be my boyfriend?" At that time Luke had thought that, that idea was horrific and he had quickly replied, "No way! You;'ve got cooties!" After that Angela had looked down upon him and thus she had started her reign as most popular girl.

Luke, last year had, had a crush on Angela. Who wouldn't? She was tall and slender. She had intense hazel colored eyes with hip length brown hair. She had long, beautiful eyelashes. She was naturally tan. She also was rich and nice. Angela had been on the girl's track team. She was star and Luke was the star on the boy's track team. The boy's and girl's track team practiced together. No matter how hard Angela and Luke had tried they both always ended tied when they ran against each other in any event. Both of their coaches had even been thinking about putting the girl's and boy's team together because they knew that Luke and Angela together would be amazing. That wouldn't be happening now. Even though Luke said he wouldn't cry he stopped and sat on a wooden bench and put his hands over his face and started to sob.

After about five minutes Luke got up and wiped away his tears with his sleeve. He suddenly saw a girl running who looked so much like Angela that he for a moment thought it was her. Luke, are you an idiot? Angela's dead. There are people in the world who look like her. That can't be Angela! Just to make sure Luke ran after the girl, but out of thin air she disappeared. Huh? What was going on? Luke rubbed his eyes. Maybe he needed to get glasses or something? He'd tell his parents when he got home. He continued to run while humming Boulevard of Broken Dreams. He had forogotten his CD player at home because he had been in a rush to get all of the Angela stuff out of his mind. His silver, Verizon cameraphone started to ring. "Hello?" "Hey, man it's Zach. You going to Angela's funeral?" "Yeah, you?" "I am. You need a ride or something?" "No, my parents are coming. At first they weren't, but then they decided to. High School is gonna be different without her." "It will be, but not much for us. I mean she was popular and we're just normal." "True, but she was what made the popular people and all people of lower rank in High School civil to each other. Don't you remember how Principal Leonard said that all other years during High School there have been many fights between Social Ranks, but the three years past years there have been no fights? I don't think that is just coincedence." "When did he tell us that?" "Two weeks ago in Assembly." "Man, I never listen to Assembly. It's almost always the same thing. That's why I have you." "What would happen if I stopped doing that?" "I beat the shit out of you." They both laughed. A year ago no matter what each other said they would usually reply with an, "All beat the shit out of you." It was an inside joke. "You know about my crush on her right?" "Yeah, I do. She was pretty hot, but in my opinion you shouldn't dream. Too many people never accomplish their dreams." "Yes, but some do. That gives me hope." "Sometimes man you're too deep for me." "And sometimes Zach, you're too stupid for me." "Shut up." "Alright, alright." They soon hung up.

Luke couldn't help wondering what it was like to do. He had asked his parents that question since he was five. Now, he had stopped asking because he knew that his parents didn't know the answer. Did it hurt? Did u actually go to heaven or hell? Could you see your family and friends and come back and visit them? Even though Luke wished to find out these answers he was almost one hundred percent sure that the only way to find out these answers was to die, so, he figured he could wait another 70 years before he wanted to find out those answers. He then slowly walked back home, not because he was tired, but because he wanted a little thinking time to himself.