Senses awaken; breathing in the crimson sunrise, pierce the darkness of the eyeless sky.

Agony surfaces with the blinding light open your eyes to anguish.

Walk through the endless masses, your emotions beyond all understanding;

You struggle through their false façade, fighting back their concerns-

Deceive your feelings and trust none.

Block out the sunshine, protect your fragile skin from burning hope

Predetermined happiness, destroy your empty purpose.

Start bleeding for the anger caused by the ripping of flesh,

Listen for the blood drops spilling upon the floor-

End the sunrise, exist no more.

Light fading to dark, you scream for its despair.

Flesh, and blood, and pale moon light, your pain to none, compare.

Gravestone after gravestone, none remains the light-

Peaceful suffering, blade tears skin, your last but pointless fight.

Match the bleeding of the broken sun, feel nothing but the scars of your proceeding pain-

Like your heart-nonexistent

Your soul cries for rain…

Your last sunrise, kiss goodbye to the world, you pray for beautiful suicide-

The ending of this light; of this pain.

Scars upon your pale flesh-end this suffering.

Rip the veins-

Bleed and breathe and die.

End all that exists in happiness; find your sanity in the dark.

Death holds you in his arms-comfort felt here-he is your harm.

He carries you into sunset, and the night

Dead before your life could start.

Bleed out your last sunrise, be alone…lost in the dark.

Crying for life but screaming for demise?

Bleed out to death…my last sunrise…

A/N: This poem is very close to my heart, my favorite of all the ones I have written, please read and review, I would greatly appreciate it.