NOTE: This story was written by Juan, friend of CelticBitch


"Jerome! Wake up" Salazar shouted.

He rose quickly from his bed. "What was that for!" said Jerome with an annoyed voice.

"I'm sorry master, I didn't mean to wake you with such a loud voice." He said with a small voice. Jerome was usually very quiet and Salazar knew something was wrong because of the sweat beads rolling down his face.

"It's time for breakfast, Master Jerome" Salazar attempted to change the subject.

As he walked down the stairs he could smell eggs which were sunny side up, with a soft centre (which was how he liked it). The toast was golden brown and the bacon was crispy. Jerome finally came down stairs. He only ate half of his breakfast. Salazar cleaned his dirty plate. Jerome went up stairs and dressed himself.

He hadn't told Salazar about the dream he had had because the dream was quite peculiar. Salazar had tried to kill him, but it was all become a blur.

As he continued to walk to work his thoughts trailed off…

Jerome had a good day at work but the dreams didn't stop popping into his mind. And for days afterwards he had the dream. He decided to walk to work again (he didn't usually walk to work.) this would allow him to go over his thoughts. As he walked through the streets he came across a shop with something in the window. The sign at the front read "CXO-100, the most personalised robot you'll find!"

"Wow, it's beautiful and it's finally here!" Jerome said with ore.

He had read about them before in newspapers and technology magazines and had wanted one for a long time. They were robots designed to make life extremely easy and they looked almost identical to humans. The only difference was their ears which were quite big. They were for cables to transfer information and brain power.

That night at the dinner table Salazar tried t make conversation.

"How was your day, Master?" Salazar asked

"Well" said Jerome "I saw CXO-100, the greatest robot there ever was!"

At that point Salazar knew that he would be replaced. Although he was a robot he still had feelings. Salazar's previous owner had put him in a raffle.(that's how Jerome got him.)

"This has to stop!" Salazar thought to himself.

That night at after dinner Salazar offered him extra wine and whiskey. Jerome didn't notice. But he was feeling a bit tipsy the next morning. Salazar did this because he thought it might stop Jerome from buying a CXO-100(because he was drunk). But Salazar was wrong this only encouraged him.

When Jerome had calmed down Salazar thought he might voice his opinion.

"CXO-100's are bad! I've seen how they act when they do chores."

Jerome looked at him. This is ridiculous he thought.

"I think that they'll hurt you, or even take you over." He said with an extremely serious tone. This made Jerome very mad. Why was he so against them?

The next morning Jerome went and bought a CXO-100. (He bought it because he wanted it and to prove a point to Salazar.)

That night Jerome lay in bed happy with his purchase, slowly drifting off to sleep. Salazar at his charging post. (Not turned on.) Everything was quiet except for Clapton the new CXO-100 slowly making her way up to the master bedroom. She opened the door, very quietly. Her skin tight clothing made it easier for her to walk around without a sound. Swiftly she moved towards the bed. And with one quick movement. Jerome didn't move. He lay there in blissful repose. Now gone.