"Tory!" squealed the majority of girls in my class.

My head shot up. Not that I was interested in Tory…just a certain body part of his.

It's long, sexy and makes me feel tingly all over. Different to any other male's that I have ever seen and come complete with a mole.

Before your minds all go haywire with dirty thoughts I might like to add that this particular body part is at the top half of his body not the bottom.

Yes I am in love with Tory's long, luscious neck. Complete with the mole.

While the rest of the class fought over Tory's homework to copy (haha bet you thought he was some hot studmuffin!), I was busy studying seating arrangements.

To my great relief, he sat at his usual spot, giving me a beautiful view of his delightful neck. When his cursed jacket isn't covering it of course.

You wonder why I'm in love with such a weird body part.

Well my good friend Fin has this thing with popping. Like the donkey in Shrek. Mainly she does it because it pisses the hell out of this guy called Shelby. And she being the sadistic bitch that she is, pops non-stop when she's bored.

Anyway so this time I was spaced out because Mr G is really boring and I zoned in on the thing in front of me, none other than Tory's neck. Fin is, as usual, popping her heart out and Shelby as usual is growling at her and trying to make her shut up. Anyway I noticed that Tory's neck twitches in time with the popping.

And that is how I became totally obsessed with Tory's neck. I pray for Fin's popping to start so that I may see that beautiful twitch.

I can just imagine myself attached to his neck with it twitching non-stop… ah if only dreams came true…

"Wanda Tory's neck does not twitch," Fin and Janet snap at me together, pulling me out of my daydream involving me and Tory's twitching neck. I won't go into detail…

"Yes it does!"

"It does not. Me, Janet and Shelby have done extensive observations and so far we have seen NO twitching at all. Only a mole," Fin informs me.

Ah that sexy, sexy mole...

"You LIKE him don't you?" says Janet.

"No I don't!" And it's not even a lie. I don't like him I like his neck.

"Actually that's true. You're in love with his neck. So much that you stare at it and imagine it twitching all day," says Fin.

She's smarter than I thought… But obviously not observant enough. I was not imagining his neck twitching. It really twitches. I should know. I love looking at it.

So anyway before Fin and Janet could make any scathing remarks about Tory's neck, as I know they will, Mr G shuts everyone up. I settle down to look at Tory's neck. Only to find his stupid collar is hiding it.

Oh how I just LOATHE that collar! I want to rip it off and feed it to Fin's dogs. And I doubt even Fin's dogs would eat Tory's evil collar. I glare at it. Burn collar…BURN IN HELL!

It did not burn. Instead of bursting into flames, it seemed to shift higher. Should get Fin to glare at it sometime. Everything's scared of Fin.




I want to yell at stupid brainless Tory to take it off already! Strip the whole top half. Of course I don't. Can't tell Fin…if I do there's absolutely no doubt she'll tell him to strip the whole top half. And probably the bottom too.

Suddenly Tory's neck stretched to its full glory. THERE IS A GOD!

There must have been lots of good karma in the air because also at that moment Fin started popping.

The twitching…so bewitching…

Come to think of it the popping starting at that exact moment is more than a little suspicious.

I spared one second to glance back.

Just as I expected.

Fin, Janet and Shelby's eyes were fixed intently on Tory's neck obviously searching for the twitch. How could they not see it? It's so obvious!

I turned away from the sightless trio and turned back to Tory's neck. Ah…so much better! A much improved view. And that mole right next to the twitching bit! Such elegance! Such beauty coordination! Just like divine intervention!

It was so mesmerizing. Time flies when you're staring at Tory's neck.


Mr G's voice cruelly pulls me away from Tory's most delicious neck.

"What's x?" he asks me.

He pulled me away from Tory's neck to ask me a stupid maths question! I want to tell him what he can do with his stupid x…

"Umm," I answer intelligently.

Mr G obviously gave up on me.

"Tory! What's x?" he asks.

Tory, being the perfectly mathematically nerdy boy that he is, gives the correct answer. But that is irrelevant to the topic. The TOPIC right now is his neck not his maths skills. And you know what pisses me off? His collar once again hides his neck.

Yes the blasphemy! He shifted positions to answer Mr G's question and now I can't see his neck! Who knows what's going on under that collar? Who knows what stunningly scandalous going ons are happening in there? All because of that stupid x! It's just not worth it!

"Pst!" hissed a voice behind me.

"What?" I say to Fin and Janet. If they diss that neck…

"We have a little treat for you," says Janet.

She is holding her phone and they are both grinning idiotically.

"What?" Maybe they found a way of getting her phone to take photos with x-ray vision…then I can see through Tory's collar at his neck. And snap lots of photos of his neck without the stupid collar obstructing things.

"We," Fin tells me, "have taken it into our liberty to provide you with 24 hour footage of the neck you love so much. Presenting…"

"Tory's neck," they say in unison, "on film!"


"We'll show you after class," Janet tells me.

Those two are the best! I can't believe they filmed his neck!

Oh wait…if I let it out that I love his neck I will never hear the end of it… NOOOOO! That means I can't watch the video because that would be admitting to loving the neck and what would just be inviting trouble on my doorstep! Because no matter how adorable she is Fin is an annoying prat. She lives to annoy others. Which is why she pops so much. To annoy Shelby. Which is, of course, for me, a blessing in disguise.

"I don't want to see his neck," I tell Janet and Fin, the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Denying myself of The Neck is just like hell…especially when I know that it's on film and I can watch it all day long, not just for a maximum of 2 hours every Sunday.

"Yeah whatever," answers Fin, obviously not gracing my response with an answer. She is totally right. I ought to be shot for saying that.

I sigh and turn back to the blackboard where Mr G is scribbling complicated bits of maths that I will never understand in a million years.

Tory's neck probably won't make another appearance… Especially now that Fin and Janet have contaminated it with their filming and it is now all shy. Aww… a camera shy neck! How adorable! Hehe wouldn't it be cute if it was the mole that was camera shy?

Eventually Mr G stopped rambling about maths and let us out. Just as I expected, Tory's neck did not make a surprise appearance again. That camera scared it off! Poor thing… it suffers from stage fright.

Fin and Janet are so mean to it.

I grinned thinking about the thing that I have in my pocket. A most beauteous plan that will benefit me totally and not benefit Fin and Janet at all. Their punishment for chasing Tory's neck into hiding.

The whole way home I was grinning. I got more than a few weird looks.

The minute I arrived home I locked myself in my room. Can't have my mother barging in…

Because I stole Janet's phone. Which has a film of Tory's neck in it.

Goodbye waiting for Sundays to come so that I may see Tory's neck!



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