Just something i randomly wrote. Slightly sad and confusing. hope you like it!

Within Dreams

In her dreams there is laughter, happiness. Rather than mere acquaintances there are friends. Each face understands, each smile is genuine. She can sit and watch them, with the wind swirling around her, watch them beckon. She can dream.

Time passes. Dreams are her sanctuary, her strength. Within dreams she also can smile. In dreams there is more than silence – there is peace. Here she can talk with no boundaries; here she almost belongs. And still she watches and still they call.

In this world is family. There are no played out roles – she know each one better than herself; understands the emotions here. It is almost a reality.

As people begin to leave her, she sits and watches more often, windswept. Some of these lost are left forgotten, others mourned. And some appear in her dream world and she rejoices. Still they call and she reaches out a hand, outstretched fingers searching, then lets it drop.

The happiness becomes bitter and she lets the tears fall. But still in dreams there is peace, the understanding laughter still a refuge. She spends most of her time watching.

In dreams there is flight, freedom. The friends join the wind and play, swirl through leaves. One settles on her hand as they beckon still. Her feet walk empty air as she steps forward to join them and make dreams reality. The wind still blows and now it mourns.

Because without life there are no dreams.


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