When night turns light with the moon out bright, and breeze above the sky,

I must believe what my head conceives and it says the boy was right.

So the fault was mine, babe I screwed up good and my smile's just a lie

Is it time we began to learn?

Or should I turn and fly?

Each look from you sends me knocking back, so don't turn on the charm

A daring smile may pass a while but boy do I loose my calm!

So now that you see through me, what do you really think?

Does the sight of me make you shiver?

Or am I your missing link?

If the best I can give just ain't enough then a word is all I need.

I lost you so long ago that the memories a faded breeze.

And that breeze has travelled round the world getting lost along the way

Now its come home

And I don't know

If I can let it stay.

So when the night moon is dimming down, the stars go to leave the sky,

Remember me as your summer sea and you can be my secret sigh.

And our silence can lift the promise of how things never seem

Cos really the world is what it is,

A maze of unbroken dreams.