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so much for a happy ending

chapter five

Mrs Webber stares intimidatingly at me. "Sera, a moment, please."

The bell has just rung and despite the fact that I would truly love to ignore her and run out the door like a sheep, I can't.

"Yeeeees?" I ask, dragging out the word.

"I've heard that.. you're not pulling your weight with the assessment task that was set." She says, her eyes narrowing.

"What? Who told you such lies?!" I demand, enraged.

Me not pull my weight? NEVER!

"Never mind that. Sera, your marks aren't that crash hot. If you don't pull off a decent mark, you may be looking at summer school." She says, an evil little smirk on her face.

I glare at that smirk. Cretin.

"Yes, yes, I'll pull my weigh. I am capable of pulling weight. I am a weight lifter." I say.

She regards me with a stern eye. "Alright then. You may go now."

Huh. She made me miss the first minute or so of lunch.

I am enraged.

Not just because I have missed lunch, but because someone and I'm betting I know who it is, thinks that I don't pull my weight.


And I am enraged, horrified, livid that someone would doubt this.

And who else could have told but my parter, the evil seat-stealer, Evatt?

I must confront him.

Perhaps I will cry dramatically.

That would be quite an amusing thing to do, perhaps.

I think a bit. Where would he be, right…now?

The answer strikes me as obvious so I dash out to the cafeteria, and survey it, my eyes landing on table 12, which is generally neglected.

Except today, where one lone figure sits.

It's him!

I stomp up to him, grab the fork that he is using from his hands, and use it to poke him hard in the back.

"Hey-OW! What was that for?" He asks, rubbing at his back.

"You should go live in a large pile of excrement." I tell him. "Or get rabies. Whatever you prefer."

He looks shocked. "What in gods name are you on about?"

"You told Mrs Webber that I-I-I do't pull-my-my-my w-w-w-weight!" I cry furiously, a few stray tears sliding down my face.

He stars at me, still completely baffled. "Are you crying?!"

What is it with that question?

"I so completely pull my weight!" I yell.

"What are you talking about?" He yells right back.

"You're mean! And fat! And full of excrement!" I screech loudly.

He starts to stand. "Ok. Ok. That's nice."

"Maybe you think I'm not pulling my weigt because I don't weight a lot." I say suddenly, the thought having just occurred to me.

He sits back down, an exasperated look on his face. "Sera, that's a metaphorical thing."

"What is?"

"Pulling your weight."

"My weight is metaphorical?"

"No! Pulling your weight is a metaphor for hard work."

"No it's not."

"Yes, it is."


"What do you mean no?!" He says, now more exasperated than ever. "How can you possibly argue something that I know is right."

"NO. Deal with it." I say, glaring again.

"Whatever. We have to meet again to actually work on our project, you know."


"What do you mean no?"

"As in, I refuse."

Duh. How stupid can you get?

"I know what 'no' means!" Evatt yells.

"Then why did you ask?"

"I didn't-"

"Yes, you did."

"I meant, what's stopping you from working on the project?" He says, angrily, impatiently.

"Then why didn't you say that?" I ask. It's a perfectly reasonably suggestion. Where would the world be if people didn't mean what they were asking?

"Hello Sera dear, can you set the table for me?" Mom asks.

"I'd love to take some more money off you!" I say cheerfully. "Can I have as much as I want?"

"There are no beetles in this bay!" Mom laughs.

"Good-o. Can you sell Brian on E-Bay as well?"

"Holy macaroni, it's raining fish!" She replies.

See? And that conversation, translated into real answers, was about school.

"Because I thought the meaning was obvious." Evatt says.

"That was a very stupid thing to think." I tell him patiently.

He glares at me. "Are we, or are we not, working on the project?"

"I said no. I thought you said you knew what no meant?"

Mwegsh. He can be quite moronic sometimes.

"I do. Now, why can't you work?"


"Well, what's stopping you?"

"Well, nothing.."

"Nothing?!" He asks, confusion creasing his face.

"Well, nothing, really..."

"What does 'really' mean?" He asks.

I rummage through my bag.

"What are you looking for?" Evatt finally asks.

"My dictionary." I reply.

"Wha- I know what 'really' means!"

"Then why did you ask?!" I ask him.

I'm starting to believe that I am highly superior to everyone.

"Oh god. Just tell me, what's really stopping you from working?"

I bite my lip. "Are you sure you want to know?"

"For godsake Sera! Just tell."

Fine. He asked for it.

"Well. You."

"What do you mean, me?!"

I rummage for my dictionary again and he grabs my hand to stop me.

"Don't TOUCH me!" I scream, attracting the attention of most of the people in the cafeteria.

"Oh lord." Evatt says underneath his breath, releasing his grip on my arm.

"You tried to kill me." I tell him. People do that a lot.

He glares at me. "Just tell me what you mean by 'me'?"

"Well. You smell like excrement."

He gapes at me. "Is this meant to be a joke?"


"Sera," He says, in a very calm voice. "You're going to meet me at the library this afternoon at four."

I pause.

"Is this like a date?" I ask curiously.

His eyes grow big. "NO! This is not a date! This is work!"

And he says a very bad word. Many of them, to be exact.

"Fine!" I huff. It was just a question. He didn't have to be so mean about it. I feel tears splatter my cheeks again.

"Holy mother. Ok, ok, it's a date, ok?" Evatt says quickly.


He is evidently under the impression that I'm crying because this isn't a date.

"Ewwwwww!" I say. "Nodatenodatenodatenodate!"



Note to self: sterilize self as soon as humanly possible. Contact with boys has been had.

"What?" He asks again.

"I don't want to go on a date with you." I state.

"Fine. Whatever. I don't care. Just be at the library this afternoon."

Oh wait.

I have an appointment this afternoon.

With.. Dr Mike. And Danna.

"I have to go see Dr Mike and Danna this afternoon." I tell him snootily.

"Oh yeah, I'm going in too."

"You don't see Dr Mike," I say accusingly. "Are you trying to steal my doctor?!"

Ohmygod. He wants to steal Dr Mike.

Ohmygod. I must stop him. I must make sure he cannot take him.

"No! God, no! I'm seeing Dr Wilkinson," Evatt assures me, a bit more exasperated.

"Who is this Dr Wilkinson character that you talk about?" I ask suspiciously.

"She's another psycholocgist at the centre," He explains, trying to be patient.

"I see," I say, still suspicious. I will check this out.

"Whatever. Fine, we'll meet up tomorrow morning."

"At the library?" I inquire politely.

"Unless there's a problem," He says in a tone of voice that indicates that there will be no problem-or else.

"What if there is?"

He sighs heavilly. "What's the problem, now?!"

"There isn't one. I'm just asking, what if there is?"

He looks at me. "I'm going to eat my lunch now."

"Wait! What if there's a problem?!" I shriek.

He turns back to me hurriedly. "Shut up! Now what sort of problem?!"

"Uh.. what if the library burns down? Do I still meet you there?"

He stares at me.

"I'm not even going to bother answering that," He tells me and walks away hurriedly.

Fine then.

As soon as school is over, I walk over for my appointment. Dr Mike is waiting for me, although he looks a bit nervous.

"Oi, Dr Mike?" I ask him quietly, as not to raise suspicion.

It does not work, as he looks at me suspiciously. "What?"

He doesn't bother to keep his voice down.

"Do you know Dr Wilkinson?" I ask, still in my quiet voice.

"She is another doctor here. Why do you ask?" He asks.

I shrug. "Just wanted to make sure she existed."

"Rightio. Now, why don't we get out session started and then you can go on down to Group?" He says placatingly and ushers me into his office.

I follow him in carefully and seat myself on a seat.

"Now Sera.. is there anything that you want to talk about?"

"Yes." I say promptly. He looks surprised.

"Okay then. What is it?"

"Are you sure Dr Wilkinson exists?" I ask carefully. I must be sure.

Dr Mike glares at me. "Yes, I am. Now, I meant do you have anything about yourself or your likeness that you'd like to talk about?"

I think for a moment.

"No. Not particularly."

"Alright then," Dr Mike says. "How about I just ask you some questions?"

"Alright then.." I say slowly.

"Fine then. Firstly, what do you think about your family?"

"I don't know. What am I supposed to think?"

"Well. Do you love them? Why? Do they irritate you and how? Are there any issues that you have with them?"

"Uh. Yes. Because. Yes. Because. No." I say quickly.

Dr Mike stares at me.

"I see," He says slowly and then makes a big show of checking the time. "Will you look at that? Looks like time's up. Downstairs to Group, Sera."

I stand up and downstairs, to the Green Room as I like to call it.

"I like green," I say to myself.

"Fascinating," Danna says cheerfully from her seat. They are all there again.

Perhaps I can pretend that I'm a mime and refrain from communicating?

"I come in peace." I finally say.

Ebby, who I distinctly remember, giggles. "She's funny."

"Sera, why don't you sit down?" Danna asks me, gesturing to a chair located between Ebby and Evatt.

I gingerly place myself on the seat and slowly try to inch it backwards, as to remove myself from the company of these people.

They are all staring at me.

"Why don't you move closer?" Danna suggest brightly. "You're a little far off there."

I glare at her and shuffle forward.

"Now. What's been happening in your lives?"

I shrug.

Ebby shakes her head.

Evatt stares at the ground.

"Come on now.. I'm sure someone'd like to share." Danna exclaims passionately.

She's not very bright, I think to myself.

That was rather mean of me.

Oh who cares?

And I want a cough drop. I haven't had any in a a few days, which is strange.

I clear my throat softly. It feels tight and clammy.

Like I'm having a reation to cough-drop-deprivation.

Holyshitohmygodwhaththehell. I could die from this.

"Cough drop deprivation!" I yell.

Everyone starts from their seats.

"Pardon?" Danna asks.

"Cough drop deprivation. Must. Get. Cough. Drop. Or. Else." I manage to get out before my airway closes up completely and I am reduced to holding my neck and making loud sounds of protest.

"What'd the manual say? What'd it say?" Danna mutters to herself, obviously perplexed.

Ebby stares at me, and then starts to edge away too.

"For godsake." Evatt says, right after a swear word, and he pries my hands from around my neck.

"Argghhhhhh! Contact. Contact! Unneccesary contact!" I shriek, as soon as I have realised that I can still talk.

He ignores me.

Ebby runs for the door.

"Stop!" Danna finally shrieks. Everyone does so.

"Sit." She commands and there is compliance.

"Ok," She says breathlessly. "I figured out what the problem is."

I stare at her. I don't have problems. Duh.

"We aren't focused enough!" She continues. "I want you all to close your eyes. Just close your eyes, relax."

I refuse to do so.

"Sera's eyes aren't closed." Ebby says.


"How would you know unless your eyes weren't closed as well?" Danna asks her patiently, eyes still closed, and Ebby quickly closes her eyes.

"Hey, ready to go-Oops." Someone enters the room. I look at him.

"You!" I shriek.

Danna stares at me. "You've met my brother?"

"He tried to kill me!" I shriek.

"I did not!" Nathaniel says to his sister.

"Did so, you're an attempted murderer!"

"Nice to meet you." Evatt says, and the two do one of those guy-handshakes. Evatt seems amused.

"I'm surrounded by killers." I announce loudly and after a moment's silence in which everyone stares at me, I bolt for the door.

I make it outside, where Mom is sitting, reading a magazine.

"Mom! Go go go go go!" I yell, running past her. I register her look of shock as she hurries after me.

"What was that about?" She asks me when I reach the car.

"What?" I ask. What is she on about?

Mom gives up.

I win!


Victory is sweet.

"Hey Sera!" Someone shouts.

I ignore it.

"Did someone call you?" Mom asks me, turning around quizically.

I shake my head.

"Sera! Hey, Sera! You forgot your bag!"

I whirl around to see Evatt, who is indeed holding my bag. I grab it from him.

Contact, I think to myself. Must. Disinfect. As. Soon. As. Possible.

"Thank you, dearie." Mom says, nudging me.

"It's no problem," He says charmingly. "Sera, we're still up for tomorrow right? In the library?"

"What's this?" Mom asks curiously.

"Nothing. Just an assigment." I say, glaring at Evatt.

"That's nice. Do you want me to drive you to the library tomorrow?" Mom asks.

"Uh, no thanks." I say quickly.

"Nonsense," She says. "It'd be no problem. What time did you say, dear?"

"Uh. Eight would be good." Evatt says.

"She'll be there." Mom says, touching my shoulder.

I glare at her.

There goes my escape plan.

"Nice seeing you again, dear." Mom waves Evatt goodbye and gets into the car.

"See you tomorrow," He says to me, an amused glint in his eyes.

I glare at him.

He knew I wasn't going to come.

This is war.

to be continued..

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