The place of dreams,
To you, to me…
Figure out what it means.

It's a world,
With silver swords,
Endless skies,
Crystal eyes,
And golden words.

Sunsets to swim in,
Winds upon which to fly,
Ruins to explore,
It goes on and on…
And passes you by.

There's countries at war,
Good against evil,
Over land?
For beliefs?
Or for love?
A reality dreamland.

There's hidden secrets,
Amidst every forest,
Beneath every town,
Up high in the skies,
And deep in the ocean,
Far, far down.

Kings and queens,
Princesses and princes,
Warriors and beasts,
And elves and fairies,
Mermaids and orgres,
And castle-sized feasts.

There's good wizards,
And warlocks,
And witches,
And curses and spells,
Long lost treasures,
Gemstones and riches.

It's far, far away,
A long lost world,
To be found in our minds,
We can be anyone,
Go anywhere,
With quests of all kinds.

Maybe you know it,
But whenever I'm tired,
I'll go far from here,
And soar in the skies,
Or run in the fields,
Of Dunlariér.