Welcome to A Fine Line Between Heaven and Hell by Drega. Enjoy


If you think that you know angels and devils, then you don't know jack about them. Forget everything you know and clear your mind, now listen, the angels speak to you, beautiful sounds, no? Now this is the test to see if you're an angel or a devil, if the voices that you hear are the sounds of innocent children playing then you're destining to fight for the angels. If you however hear the sound of Cerberus, guardian of the gates of hell, you're destining to fight for the evil forces of hell, also known as devils or evils. Now picture the messages together, hearing both, what does that mean? Now that is what I'm here to tell you about, now listen, as you will hear the tale of A Fine Line Between Heaven and Hell.

I hear these voices in my head, the sounds of innocence and death at the same time. What do these voices mean? God damn it all, why the hell won't they go away? I lay awake in the comfort of my one bedroom apartment; my fiancée's body lay pressed slightly against mine, the melody of Linkin Park throbbing in the small room. Sweat was slightly seeping from every pore on my face, and my breathing was slightly heavy. Our room becomes slightly lit with the light of the full moon, I check the clock and it says 2:30 A.M., I don't know how much longer I can take of this. I sat up and pulled on one of my camouflage shirts and shorts. Picking up my glasses and setting them on the tip of my nose like I usually wore them. Walking to the bathroom I heard the sound of a little girl.

"Come Cale, come and play with us." It sounded like something from either the Twilight Zone or the Dead Zone, whatever the hell it was I ignored it and thought that it was just my imagination playing tricks on my mind. I continued to walk down the hall until I came to the bathroom. I walked in and shut the door behind me, but when I looked into the mirror I saw a woman dressed in red behind me, she also had blood red wings. She was wearing a strapless blood red leather dress with high tops. Her eyes were the most gorgeous and evil red eyes that I have seen in all my life. She was staring at me with lustful and seducing eyes.

"Hello Cale, I've been waiting for you." She said walking up to me and trailing one of her slender, pale fingers across my right cheek, which caused a shiver to slightly course down my body.

"Who the hell are you?" I asked her in a stern voice after swatting her hand away from my cheek. All she did was giggle in a childish-like voice. Her little giggle session only lasted for only a few short moments until she forcefully pressed her lips seductively on mine. Her lips were cold and icy, I violently pushed her away and gave her an evil gaze, all she was doing was smiling at me the way she had when we had first me here in the bathroom.

"What's the matter, didn't want a little kiss." She said a half disappointed and half expected voice. I tried to form words but they wouldn't come out, all that came out was breath, I was mute, she had taken my voice. I tried to punch her but my fist just went right through. All she did was laugh at my attempt to punch her in her gut, she responded with one of her own knocking me down to the ground on my back.

"Here's a little word of advice Cale, learn to treat a lady with respect, even those who are damned to hell. I'll be seeing you soon handsome, and until we meet again, you'll never speak even a syllable until we meet." I wanted to yell, 'No, stop, give me my voice back.' But nothing came from my lips, it was scaring the living hell outta me.

I shot up from my bed and looked around the room, it was still the same as last night, was it a dream? I turned my head and saw my fiancée Serline sleeping peacefully, her black hair gleaming in radiance from the morning light. I was about to say something, but nothing came out, it was for real, that woman in the bathroom had taken my voice it wasn't a dream, it was for real. I was a mute now until I met back up with her. I heard Serline stir next to me and sit up; she was wearing my Linkin Park Hybrid Theory t-shit. Her hair in the front was slightly scruffy and was in her face, so I just kindly brushed her bangs from her eyes to reveal there beautiful shade of emerald. All she did was lean over and kiss me on the cheek, there were no words exchanged between us until she broke the silence.

"So, how did you sleep last night?" she asked me, but I couldn't speak, so all I did was point to my throat, I was trying to tell her that I had lost my voice to a woman that tried to seduce me in our bathroom.

"Oh, poor baby, meningitis, well don't worry. I'm sure that you'll get over it in a couple of days." She said kissing me on the cheek once again, all I did was lay back down and she did the same except laying her head down on my chest.

"You know that we have class today." She said, and all I did was nod at her and I got up from our bed and walked to the bathroom, Serline and myself were college students at J-Field University. I didn't hear anyone calling me like last night; it was just the hall leading to the bathroom. I walked in, but before I shut the door I felt someone behind me and thought that it was the woman from last night, but it was my imagination. Standing behind me was Serline, but this time she didn't look happily at me like she always did, Serline just pushed me into the bathroom and shut the door and locked it behind us.

"Did she come last night?" she asked me, I cocked my eyebrow to show her that I didn't understand her question.

"Listen Cale, you think that last night when you came to the bathroom and the woman, that wasn't a dream. It was real, and I should've sensed you, but then again, you're always full of surprises." She said to me, but what did she mean? "All right, you know the stories, if you hear the sound of children playing you serve heaven and if you hear Cerberus barking you serve hell. You're different, you're the prodigy that we have been waiting for to end all the fighting." There came a flash of light and I was out cold, the only thing that I could hear was the sound of my heart beating, and the feel of a breeze blowing across my face. I woke from what seemed to be hours, the room I was in was very bright; I couldn't see a thing, it was so bright, but I heard voices. All of them were male, but suddenly a female voice spoke up out of the crowd and it was Serline. I could barely make out what she was saying because my ears were ringing slightly and they were plugged with some unknown substance. The fist thing I thought was, was I dead? Had I like had a heart attack or something like that when Serline forced me into the bathroom this morning and started questioning me about that woman who was waiting for me in the bathroom last night?

"He's coming to," She said, and soon my vision was clear and I could see and hear what they were saying, "hey baby. You felling any better?" I tried to speak but no words formed, so I tried again but Serline silenced me by putting one of her fingers on the top of my lips and just shushed me gently.

"You mustn't try to speak, we've been able to give you a temporary voice until you get your original voice back. You should be able to talk within a matter of hours." She told me before kissing me on the top of my head. I just sighed and laid back down; within moments I was asleep and dreaming, but the dream was horrible,

Cale was standing on top of a cliff, watching a horrifying battle between heaven and hell. The smell of blood, gore, and death was fresh in the air. Cale was wearing a mix of black and white armor, almost looking like a crusader from the ancient times. At his side was a straight sword made of pure light but was surrounded by black spirals. He continued to watch the horrible battle, as it only got worse with each and every second. Screams filled his ears, but a particular scream of death caught his attention. Looking below, Serline was fighting with one arm, her other arm sliced clean off her left and white blood seeping from the wound, and she was in immense pain. Her eyes were filled with tears from the pain, but she was still continuing her fight with the evil.

She swings her sword at him and clangs against it, she repeats her action followed by the same reaction. She was going to die and she knew it, but if it was her time to die then she was fight like hell until her bitter end, knowing that she was at her end she knelt down onto one knee and allowed her opponent to decapitate her.

"NO!" Cale yells and runs down to confront her killer, he does and kills him mercilessly, soon all the good inside his body turns to hate and starts to kill all the others like Serline.

I shot up from the bed that I was resting in, my face and the top of my shirt was drenched in cold sweat. My breathing was heavy and my eyes were filled with feared, soon tears started to stream down my face. I was balling like a child; it must have been all that blood that I had seen in that dream. The door burst open and in the doorway was Serline; her eyes were filled with concern at what had cause me to awaken, but how did she know that I had woken up? She steadily walked over to the bed and looked at me in the eye with her concerned deep jade eyes. I didn't know how long it had been since I had first found out about my replacement voice, so I just tried to speak,

"Serline." But that was all that I could muster from my throat at the time. I just felt like jumping for joy and hugging Serline with all that I am. But I felt unsafe, I don't know why, all Serline did was hug me around my neck and cried on my shoulder. I stood to my feet and pulled Serline up so that she face me. I gave her a stern-looking face

"Serline I have some questions for you," I said, and all she did was nod, "first, how did I get here? Second, where are we? And finally, what in God's name happened at our apartment?" Serline just made a sad-like face that made me concerned—very concerned.

"Cale, first off, I flew you here, I'm an angel. Second, we're in heaven, this is the only safe place for us now, devils and evils are looking for you. Now, for your final answer, for over a millennia the forces of heaven and hell have been in a never-ending feud, a war you may call it. But on both sides it is said that there was a prodigy who would come and end the fighting. Hell thought that it would be the end of them if the prodigy came and helped us that the war would end. If we end this war then there will be no boundary between heaven and hell…" but that was all Serline got out before there came a crash through a window in the room.