Well, ok ladies and gentleman here it is, what you've all been waiting for, Chapter 2 of A Fine Line Between Heaven and Hell

Jason Calbone, father of the business shark Jacob Calbone sat in the comfort of his dorm at J-Field University. He was sitting at his desk typing an article for the university's newspaper. Being one of the fastest typists in his university it was unlikely for him to need an editor to help him edit the entries for the newspaper. Jason was one of those geeky kind of people, but he managed to keep a well form. His hair was almost shoulder length and bright deep dark, almost like coal. His eyes on the other hand were completely different; they were a mix of black and green, a very unusual set of colors for the eyes.

He sat back from his computer and the palms of his hands behind his head. Taking in a deep breath he looked at what he had typed so far. It seems that lately many of the university students have been coming up missing and no note has been left, not even a body found. It was no pattern killer kind of thing, there was no pattern, but it was just random students.

"Damn, where the hell have all of these students gone to?" he asked a mysterious nobody that was in his room. He rubbed his eyes in tension, and he gave a sigh.


Within the past few weeks now, there have been a suspected pattern killer kidnapping students. No bodies have yet to be found, nor have any students come back. The main focus recently has been circling around the area of J-Field California. As everyone knows, recent "supernatural" phenomenon has happened in the past few years. Those including the foreign exchange student Baku Forage also known to his friends as Tyro. Also the disappearance of Umi Kasanawa a few years back when he suffered from being slightly mentally unstable. In the past few weeks alone, fifteen students have been reported missing. Of these students being Victoria Wells, Serline Johnson, and Cale Jennings being the recent of these students to disappear…

When Jason got to the last part of what he was typing he looked at it very closely and noticed that it had mentioned Cale and Serline. He thought hard and long. Maybe I should pay Cale and Serline a visit. He stood up from his desk chair and walked to the door of his dorm and walked out and down the hall to the elevator. As soon as the door slide open and there standing in the elevator was the woman that had stole Cale's voice. She was still wearing the same dress that she had worn when she met Cale. She punched him hard in the stomach and he passed out; just before he passed out another figure dressed in blood red baggy pants with chains around the back and a blood red hoodie.

"Are you sure that we need him, what if he's worthless, and he turns out to be an angel?" Said the other figure. All the woman did was give the other figure an evil glare that said 'Shut the hell up.'

The girl picked up Jason's body and slumped it over her shoulder. She spread her wings and flew out the top of the building then dived straight down into a crack in the ground leading her and the boy that was with her right to hell where Satin himself was waiting for both of them. Most people would think that Satin looked like a man who was dressed in a red suit with a tail and horns. In fact, he looks like a real person. His hair was pale white and went down all the way to his feet, his eyes were an evil color of yellow, but yet at the same time they were gorgeous to those who followed him.

"Awaken him Ashita." He ordered the woman, she nodded and pulled Jason up to face Satin buy pulling his bangs and then slapping him until Jason stirred and awoke. Jason took one look at him; just seeing the sight of the man in front of him made him want to run, but he couldn't. All he did was stare at the person standing there in front of him.

"Welcome Jason, I've been waiting a long time to meet you. I've had my eyes on you for some time now, but unfortunately I couldn't go to the human world to fetch and change you myself. But with all that aside, I think that now is a good time to change him. Ashita, Atem, hold him." He ordered. Soon Ashita and Atem were holding Jason's arms. Satin stepped forward, one of his hands engulfed in a dark red flame. He approached Jason; Jason was struggling for dear life to break the grip of his captors, but to no avail. Satin was finally in front of Jason, and without warning he stabbed the hand that was engulfed in the reddish black flame right into Jason's heart. All Jason did was gasp, and sit there while he was being turned evil. When Satin was finally done, Jason Calbone was no longer Cale and Serline's friend, but their enemies. While miles away in heaven where Cale was being held he felt a pain in his heart. But he didn't know what for.

Jason Calbone, once a friend of Cale and Serline, now turned evil and their enemies. He looked up at Satin he eyes were once innocent and nice, now pure evil and hate.

"What is you're bidding master." He said in his new satanic voice kneeling down in front of his new master. All Satin did was smile and evil smirk before he signaled Jason to rise to his feet,

"I want you to find Cale and Serline, then I want you to kill Serline and bring Cale to me." He ordered, and Jason bowed before he spread his newly blood red wings and began to fly out of hell. He twisted and swirled around jagged loose rocks from the sides of the canyons in the depths until he reached the surface and began to sniff for any kind of scent of Cale or Serline. But to no avail, he caught no scent, only the scents of humans and animals. He began to walk back to the dorms of J-Field University and wait or perhaps be able to track Serline and Cale to where they were. But once he got there he realized that he couldn't follow them without being killed in the process. For if an evil were to enter the gates of heaven then thou evil shall be burned until thine evil shalst perish.

Jason had no choice he would just have to rush through the barrier between heaven and Earth. He began to crouch all the way down to his knees and spread his wings before he flew high up into the sky at mach 5 speed. In fact, when he reached the gates into heaven he didn't notice that he had passed through until he felt the burning of his flesh. He continued to pick up Serline and Cale's scent until he came to a white temple, supposedly that's where Serline and Cale were.

He landed and began to search around the temple for a better way to get in then through the doors, it wasn't until he came to a window. He looked through the window and saw Serine and Cale. Jason smirked and burst through the window.