I am honest with you,
And you with me,
I just wish you could
Take a look back and see.

You loved me so much,
That you squeezed life
Right from out of my body.
You cared too much,
And trusted me too little.

I used to smile at you and
Give those lips sweet kisses
Now all I see is a black hole
That yells curses and hisses.

Sweet words that once came
No longer come, I say with a sigh.
You brightened me up,
I raised you to the sky,
Now all we do is argue
And all I do is cry.

I wish you could see that
You're really killing me.
Let me have my freedom
And I'll let you have yours.

Don't think that I'm cheating
I have a clean track record
Ask all of my friends,
You seem to like asking my sister.

Don't call me a liar,
Don't call me a bitch,
Don't say I don't love you,
Don't put words in my mouth.

I'm honest with you,
And you with me
I just wish you really
Could see what you're
Doing to me…

I'm slowly dying and never,
Will you have me to hold again,
If you don't let me go
And let my life begin.