Big blue eyes filled with tears
Filled with hurt
Filled with sadness.

A heart that has never loved
A heart that never beat
A heart that will never know
What heartbreak feels like.

A brain that never will learn,
A brain that never will grow,
A brain that never will know,
Life's little secrets.

Lungs that will never take a breath
Lungs that will never smell a flower,
Or smell the air after a spring shower.

Hands that will never touch,
Hands that will never feel
The softness of his mothers touch.
Hands that will never embrace
And never will…

A life was taken before it was time,
A slip in the hand, an action of one.
A sharp blade pressed against skin
A deliberate force, a big mistake.

A sad thing happened,
On that very day…
The life of one so young,
Was taken too early…
But God wanted her…
To be an angel by his side.