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Author's Note: Yes! A new story! Something new to work on besides Wish of Life…well, of course I miss Wish of Life, my other story. You'll find many references to Wish of Life, however, and if you don't understand what characters from Wish of Life are saying, please search for the answer inside Wish of Life or feel free to leave the question in your review.

The First Entry:

My full name is Shia Watterson. I am an average-looking girl, with jet-black, shoulder-length hair and enormous brown eyes that look evilly black without the sun glaring straight into my eyes. I have a thin, boyish figure and long, skinny legs. I get on the A honor roll every quarter, and I was on the soccer, volleyball, and track teams for my junior high school. Because I am an average, outspoken, timid girl, no one seems to take notice of me.

That is, unless they are fascinated in my best friend. My best friend is the school's chick, should I say? Her name is Ginger Totten. There are countless explanations why she is the school's main chick.

Ginger is a distinguished beauty. She looks exotic, with these brilliant eyes that are pools of gray, emerald and blue all at once, with slightly wavy auburn hair that reaches all the way down to her waist. She has a feminine figure—a full bust, a tiny ant-like waist and wide hips—she's an astonishing model of an eighth grader. About the only thing we share (about our bodies, anyway) is that she, too, has lengthy, skinny legs. She gets on the 4.0 honor roll every quarter, and was on the soccer, volleyball, and track teams, too. But the main reason boys are drawn to Ginger is her outgoing, outrageous personality.

I love Ginger because she is everything I have ever wanted to be. Once in a while, she'll take me to her mansion of a house and lock both of us in the bathroom (her bathroom) with her immeasurable cosmetics. She'll make me over, so to speak—and when I open my eyes and gaze into the mirror, I see a girl similar to her. But it makes me feel pathetic—because Ginger still looks better than me, even though she never puts on makeup.

Ginger and I have been best friends since nursery school. Even when she became fashionable and the school chick, she still remained my stubborn, loyal friend, willing to defend me.

The only thing that Ginger does not have that she wants to a great extent is Chris Flagnnan. Suffice it to say that Chris is the school's main jock, like how Ginger is the school's main chick. He's your average hottie—blonde hair, blue eyes, and oh-such-a-hot-face (says Ginger).

The only problem is that he definitely DETESTS Ginger.

Oh, sure, he would like her—but had it not been for our year of fourth grade. If only that hadn't happened in fourth grade, they could have lived happily ever after and be going out right now.

But it just had to happen.

It was the school spelling bee, and the only two left in the fourth grade were Ginger and Chris. Ginger beat him easily and flaunted that she had won in the whole fourth grade (she didn't like him back then). Oh, boy did that Chris get mad. I watched worriedly. Then Ginger went on and beat the whole school.

Chris was a vengeful little sucker, and he's hated Ginger from that moment on.

It'd be nice if Ginger could be one of those lovesick girls who keep their tragedies to themselves. But Ginger is, once again, the school's main chick, and she is incapable of doing such things.

Today, for example…

Our school's schedule goes like this: first, second, third periods, then Brunch, then fourth and fifth periods, then Lunch, then sixth and seventh periods. After having PE, Chorus, and Math, I venture to my locker. I stuff my Science, World History, English, and Spanish binders into my backpack and zip it up.


I turn around to see Ginger behind me. As usual, she's dressed somewhat immodestly—in a spaghetti strap red tank top and a short denim miniskirt, her hair in some impossible hairdo. She smiles brightly. In my T-shirt and torn jeans, I feel inadequate.

"Hey, Ginger. What's up?" I ask as I heave my jam-packed backpack onto my shoulders.

This question, it turns out, is a mistake.

She immediately latches onto my arm like a little kid begging for a new doll for their Christmas present. She moans about Chris. "He was so mean to me today, Shia! He called me a WHORE. Can you imagine that?"

"Oh, Ginger," I sigh and give her a big, friendly hug. I squeeze her so hard that I'm sure one of my bones got cracked a little. "I'm so sorry. You are not a whore. Chris is a jerk."

"A jerk? How dare you call MY Chris a jerk!" she nearly screeches at me. "He just doesn't realize how lucky he is to have a girl like me. I'm totally crazy about him, and I'm not bad looking, either."

"Ginger, you are beautiful," I tell her.

She smiles contentedly at me, twisting a strand of auburn hair around one index finger. "Thanks, Shia. You're a good friend."

"You're welcome," I smile back at her.

"Oh, guess what?"


"I heard that Brandon Cathy-Rogers is going out with Min-Jung Soo," Ginger smiles as she thinks of this. "They look cute together. And do you know what this means?" Her smile is expectant.

"No, Ginger, I do not know what that means," I reply as I fiddle with my hair, leaning against a metal pole. I grab it with my hands and whirl around it, distracting and disturbing Ginger, who waits patiently.

"It means that Cameron's going to ask you out."

I put my hands on my hips indignantly. "Are you serious? He hates me to death, Ginger! Besides, this has nothing to do with Brandon and Min-Jung going out, anyway!"

"Yes, it does," she scoffs. "Cameron was torn between you and Min-Jung. And now that Min-Jung is in love with Brandon—which she certainly is, how could anybody NOT love that boy? –He's coming after you. And he does not hate you, Shia. Nobody hates you. So do you like him?"

"I'm not sure," I murmur, blushing slightly. "I really don't like boys all that much in general."

She smiles and pats my shoulder. "You'll see. You'll see."

After this talk, the bell rings, and I head off in the opposite direction to jump to Science. The good thing about this is that Chris sits at my table during Science—so I can talk to him.

I don't know why, but Chris has always been nice to me. Since he was a 'vengeful little sucker,' as I said before, you might think that he might hate me just because I'm Ginger's best friend. Not so! He spills out all of his worries and concerns to me. This makes me feel like I have an advantage over Ginger—something I'm convinced I'll never manage.

Today as I squeeze drops of iodine onto some pieces of onion—rubbing my eyes to keep them from watering too much—Chris taps me on the shoulder. "Can we talk, Shia?"

"Sure," I answer and flip back to face him, a big smile on my face. This smile always works with Chris. It seems to encourage him to talk to me. "What's up, man?" I ask, still with the smile.

"Does Ginger still like me?" Chris asks as he shakes the test tube vigorously and then sets it into a tub of freezing water. He settles his goggles again. "I'm asking seriously, Shia."

"No, Chris," I reply sarcastically, "She hates you."

"Oh," he says in amazed relief, obviously having not caught the sarcasm dripping down my throat. "That's a relief."

I stare at him disbelievingly. "Chris," I tell him, "I was being sarcastic."

"Oh. Oh."

Obviously Chris is not the brightest bulb on the tree. I ask, slowly, "Chris…does Cameron really…?"

"Like you?" Chris finishes for me. I nod. "Yes, he does," he smiles. "Cameron's a nice guy, you know…" In my mind, I picture Cameron—with his dirty blonde hair and black, black eyes, the tallest boy in the whole grade. And he's pretty hot to boot.

"He is," I agree with the nice smile reserved for Chris. "But I'm not sure why he likes me."

"Because you're sweet, Shia," Chris answers as he snaps off his nerdy goggles and throws them into a nearby bin. "You're really nice to everyone, and he likes you for that. Ever since Adrian broke up with him…" Adrian is one of the popular girls, too, who was going out with Cameron.

"Why did Adrian break up with him?" I ask as I, too, snap off my goggles and return to the table to solve the problems on the worksheet. "They seemed to get along really well."

"Brandon came, remember?"

"Ah. But now Brandon's going out with Min-Jung, so—."

"Doesn't matter," Chris replies, taking up his pencil and filling out his name no the worksheet. "Cameron hates Adrian to death now. No matter what she does, he won't go out with her again."

"Hm," I say thoughtfully, rubbing my chin out of force of habit. "I guess I do like Cameron a little." Chris smiles as he staples one paper to another. "I might say yes if he does ask me out."

"Well, don't feel pressured," Chris cracks his knuckles out of habit—it's something he dose every single period of the day. "I'm sure that he won't mind if you say no—Cameron's a nice guy."

As I pack up, I turn around. "Chris…"


"Why do you hate Ginger?" I ask.

"Well, the Spelling Bee-."

"Chris, that was FOUR YEARS ago. We were in fourth grade! They didn't even have a prize for the darned thing!" I spit. He looks surprised—of course, I'm Shia. I'm not allowed to spit or something.

"Do you really want me to tell you?"

"What do you think?"

"Yes?" I nod impatiently, crossing my arms over my chest. He says, "Well, Shia…Ginger is a slut."

"Are you serious?" I ask. "She's the nicest girl in the entire universe, she-."

"Let's look up 'slut' in the dictionary, shall we?" He actually takes out a pocket dictionary and types in s-l-u-t very carefully; checking each letter before typing in the next one, and then finally reads aloud, "a dirty, slovenly woman. To me, that sounds a lot like Ginger. True, she's not a whore or a prostitute, but still—her clothes and the way she flirts with every boy in the school no matter who he REALLY is—to me, she's a slut."

I open my mouth to shoot something back, but I can't. Because everything he said was true.

-Comments to Reviewers-

The Character Profile: Shia Watterson (13 years old) The name 'Shia' comes from a magna/anime called 'Pita-Ten!', and Shia is my favorite character from there. Her looks, with her black hair and black eyes, are based on the anime/manga character as well. The last name 'Watterson' is a tribute to the comic artist Bill Watterson, who illustrated my one of my favorite comics—"Calvin and Hobbes".

As for her personality, she seems a little like me when I was a bit younger. She's shy and sweet and kindhearted. However, when she's around people she knows well, like Ginger and Chris, she tends to act more like a normal teenager. Shia is also very modest and hardly ever wears extremely short shorts or tank tops. She really doesn't understand boys yet.

Please leave a review! This is the first chapter of my newest story and I'd really appreciate it!