Pink is the happiness
That's in every person's life.
It's somewhere inside of you.
Gray is the sadness.
Nobody ever likes it,
But it's what we all go through.

Red is the blood
From every heartless killing.
Some people just don't care.
Black is the death,
Instant from the murder.
At the funeral, it's the color we'll wear.

Blue is the sky
With glorious clouds,
Pretty as white lace.
Yellow is the sunshine.
It shines in the sky,
Putting a smile upon your face.

Brown is the dirt
That is greatly needed
For the plants to grow.
Green is the plants.
It is the tall grass
That people will mow.

Orange is the food-
The fruits and other things
That you'll eat to survive.
Purple is the royalty.
Some conceited people think
They have much better lives.

All of them are the rainbow
Which is sometimes in the sky.
It will help you believe.
When they are gone, they're nothing.
Nothingness is in your future until you fill it.
You can cause pain or relieve.