So you tell me

You wouldn't know what to do

If I left

Do you know what to do if I stay?

As the days pass by

As must as the Earth rotates about the sun

Tell me the truth;

Do you ever think of what would happen?

I can't say I love you anymore

I don't know if it's the truth

Sure I could lie to you, it's facile

Just not my style

If it'd make you happy

For me to lie

Then maybe I'd do it

But then again it doesn't matter

I sit as I wait for the day

To obtain the courage I wish I had

To carry out this yearning

To finally bind what I have began

End the suffering around me

Cause the confusion to halt

Words to cease

The flow of thoughts to stop

As I stand atop this tall building

So high up the winds whip

My arms outstretched wide

I'm waiting

This tall tower and its greatness

Must symbolize for something

I ponder as to what it could be

Somethings aren't meant to be figured out till the end

White clothe drapes over my body

Ribbons and linen

Silks and velvets

It's the mot optimal feeling

My eyes wander to the sky

I needn't look below me

For I already know that awaits me there

I've seen it all along

Silver tears streak my face

I'm not sure as to why

They haven't come to me for a while

Must be just because

As I eyes flutter close

A smile of utter happiness graces my features

Never again shall I be responsible for hurting those around me

Simply because I'll never wait to see what happenes

I make my own ending

My own fate

None of you can control me

Only have influence over how I think of you

Don't cry for me now that I'm gone

I know that you won't anyway

But I'm saying this, just incase

I don't want you to

I'm not worth it

As we all know this by now

It was a mistake in the first place

It shouldn't have happened

So if you think of me after this is over

And your heartbeat starts to accelerate and your eyes cloud

Just think that you aren't breathing from thinking of things you shouldn't

And your eyes are releasing those bad memories

Just don't do it again

Your body doesn't deserve it

Don't treat it that way

Just be happy

You no long have to see my empty smiles

Hear my forced laughter

Feel my hollow embraces

It's the truth I want; don't think about me now

You haven't all this time

So why wait till now?

Just live and be happy

I'll finally have a peaceful sleep