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Charecter list :

Jayn Dylan - main charecter age :-16

Samara Garvey- Jayn's best friend age -16

Lilly Morris - Jayn's level headed best friend age -17

Laela Foreman- Jayn's optomistic best friend age -16

Stacey Dylan-Jayn's older sister age -18

Laney Dylan - jayn's eldest sister age-22

Philip (phil) Dylan- Jayn's adopted younger brother age -7

Genny Davis - Jayn's estranged best friends age -16

Jason Knight -Jayn's crush age- 16

Darren Murphy- Jayn's childhood friend age -16

Lola Sanchez - Jayn's worst enemy since 9th grade , likes Darren age -16

Leona Jacobs-Lola's best friend age -16 has no problem with Jayn even though her friend does

Bobbi Royal- Jayn's good friend age -15 sometimes hangs with Jayn and friends

Rick Morone-annoying classmate of Jayn's age-16

Diana Portland - Rick's girlfriend (just as annoying as Rick)age-16

Mr. Hughes - Jayn's homeroom teacher and faveorite teacher

Al Hughes - Mr. Hughes son, fellow classmate of Jayn's and Jason's best friend age-16

Summary: Empathy,my whole life is an neverending empathetic song thats sung about love ,friendships ,adults ,enemys , school and the soon approaching future and if that isn't enough to deal with i'm also a real empath.


what can i say about my life i guess its like any other teenagers life you know the same old drama with love,realationships,friendships ,school but what makes me different is the fact that i am an empath ,literally. I have the ability to not only feel for other people but feel exactly how they feel .it's like being able to read a persons mind but instead of hearing words i tune in their feelings and that can sometimes drive a girl crazy .

my "power" or curse, as i sometimes call it depending on my day ,was passed down from my mother. She died when I was twelve which is about the time my power started to kick in . i was freaked out at first until i was looking through a box of her things and i found a journal and discovered that my mom had the ability too as well as her mom and her mom's mom and so on for generations and each were the last born daughter. Each empath had written about the power in order to pass down instructions to the next generation .

I flipped to the last page written in my mother's journal, she had written a letter for me explaining what was happening to me and since then i've kept that journal close . I've been able to somewhat control my power over the years but once in awhile things get out of control . No one knows about my ability except my best friend Samara Garvey, I wouldn't trust anyone else with my secret.

I live with my older sisters Stacey and Laney. I used to live with my dad, but when he married my step-mom,who i can't stand,my sister Stacey and I moved in with my eldest sister Laney. The only time i go back there is to check up on my adopted brother Philip,Phil ,he's only seven , so he can't make the decision of living with dad or Laney, like stacey and i did.

I think, next to me, he misses mom the most . Especially because he barely remembers her, he was three when Mom died, but they shared a bond since we brought him home as a baby. sometimes we pick him up for the weekend but not very often because Sarah,my step -mom,thinks we might poisin him againsther and Dad. Sometimes i feel so alone,I can feel what other people feel and sometimes I can't tell where my feelings start and their's begin, but thats my life, the neverending empathetic song that is my life .

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