The first time I'm posting anything on this site, out of a whim and an overly strong desire to post something after months in hiatus. Problem is, I have nothing on my mind but these words right now. I'm not entirely sure where this belongs, it was originally intended to be song, still think it is. But maybe it'll pass for free prose...

You're going, going,

Now you're gone.

Why, in your absence,

Do you still torment me?

Stabbing my heart with the knife called pain,

Letting the passion tear it apart,

And when it's done, you mend my soul,

Just to break it all over again.

Cry tears of blood,

Let the crimson stain my face,

Let me revel in this pleasure called sorrow.

Come, red river of tears,

Come mark the guilt that is yours,

This paradise I shall break away.

Your ghost walks these rooms,

Your shadow haunts these dreams,

This nightmare I shall continue to live in.

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