Election Morning

I woke up feeling excited, anticipating a new leader, a new direction, a new hope. Oh please please. I jumped out of bed. Oh head rush, got up too fast. To computer, wake up stupid thing! Please! Okay finally. Sitting on my computer chair I type into the address bar. Load load. Come on damn little thing. Load. What's the headline?

no one's won yet.

Important states leaning towards Bush.


Google search: election results


Shit shit shit


Anger clenches up in my stomach

All sites say the same.

Phone rings.

Mia's voice: Hello?

Me: Hey. Have you heard? It sounds like it's going for Bush.

Mia: shit

I say quietly: fucking shit head.

My heart sinks. Wanting to cry but no tears come.

In the room next to mine: "I don't like that language, sis."

"Shut up! Leave me be!"

"Who won?" my pestering sister asks.

I said: "Don't know yet. Go away!" Not wanting to accept the inevitable.

That feeble hope keeps me going

Me: Hey Mia. Sorry. My sis was being a butt.

Me: lets out a moan of despair How can this be happening? Oh God please help us.

Mia: I know. The whole world is going to hell.

Me: What can we do? This can't be happening. We have to do something. What about the children? What about us?