By: Galya








Scene 1


Suburbia New Jersey.

Vicky, 23, blonde and beautiful, in her parent's living room, walks around looking for her cell phone. A large comfy sofa is in the center of the room. A small table is next to it with magazines in a neat pile. Behind the sofa are three steps to the main hall way. Upstage left is the front door and upstage right is the hall way leading to the rec room and a stair case leading to the bedrooms. Down stage right of the sofa is the doorway to the kitchen/ dining room and on the other side is a little nook with a mantle that has pictures of Vicky's family and a sound system. Under it are CDs.

Vicky: Where the hell is it? Why do you always do this?

She suddenly stops and looks at the sofa. She is about to search it when the door bell rings. Vicky happily runs to the door. In walks a girl, Sam, 23, cute with brown hair and eyes. She has on retro glasses. A young nervous man, Ian, attractive but geeky, enters with her. Girls hug.

Vicky: Oh my god! You look great!

Sam: You always look great.

Vicky: (to Ian) You've gotta be Ian. Give me love. (Hugs him) Come on in! Sit!

Sam: Was hell trying to pry ourselves from my mom. You know how she gets.

Vicky: Yeah. Um, you guys thirsty?

Sam: I'm fine. (To Ian) Ian?

Ian: Coke.

Sam and Ian sit on the sofa.

Vicky: Got it. (Goes to the kitchen)

Sam: (yelling in direction of kitchen adjusting the throw pillows to fit all of them on the sofa) Since when have you been a gracious hostess?

Vicky: (yells back and finishes sentence as she is heading back through the door with two coke cans) I don't know. Graduating with a BS In hotel management does that to you.

Vicky gives Ian his coke and begins to drinks hers. Sam finds a cell phone behind one of the pillows.

Sam: Missing something?

Vicky takes the phone.

Vicky: It was in the couch, wasn't it?

Sam: So predictable.

Vicky: (huffs in annoyance) You were always smarter.

Sam: Where are your parents?

Vicky: Switzerland.

Sam: Ah. Better Europe than Jersey.

Vicky: They're letting me rent this place for an obscenely small amount.

Sam: Yeah, you told me.


Vicky: So anyway, let me get a look at that ring, babe.

Sam shows the engagement ring on her hand.

Vicky: Gorgeous. (Hugs Sam) I'm so happy for you. How'd your mom take it?

Sam is about to answer when a sound of banging from the hallway is heard.

Vicky: Damnit. Be right back.

Vicky goes into the hallway.

Ian: Is someone else here?

Sam smiles nervously and shrugs as Vicky begins to yell and the banging continues.

Vicky: Don't start throwing a fit! You hear me! (Banging momentarily stops) Better. You act like you're five years old. Grow up! (Banging continues) Don't make me put on the pop music.

Banging stops. Ian and Sam are facing each other with awkward looks. Vicky walks back in.

Vicky: Sorry. Uh…does he know?

Sam shakes her head

Vicky: You didn't warn him?

Sam: No…okay look Vicky has…

Vicky: My house is haunted. I have, shall we say a poltergeist. Nothing to worry about. He just has tantrums every now and then.

Ian starts to laugh.

Sam: She's serious.

Ian: A ghost…that hates pop music?

Sam and Vicky: Yes.

Ian nods totally lost.

Vicky: Well, on second thought let's leave him to pout and go and do something. You hear that! We're leaving!

Ian looks scared.

Sam: (to Ian) You wanna go out?

Ian nods quickly. They get up and get their purses and head for the door.

Vicky: Wanna go to the Doggie Café?

Sam: Read my mind. Ian, you have to see this place. It's so precious.

Girls jabber on about coffee. Ian stares at the hallway sees nothing. Terrified, he runs out the door. Sam follows and then Vicky.

Black out

Scene 2

Later that day. 2005.

Vicky is seated on the sofa, watching old home movies on the TV. Sam is rummaging through the CDs. She looks over at the screen every now and then.

Vicky: Oh my god! Your glasses!

Sam: I know they are eating my face.


Vicky: Are you sure leaving Ian in the hands of your father was wise.

Sam: Yeah it's just fishing.

Vicky: Maybe, but you know your dad takes that stuff a little too seriously.

Sam: (looking inside a CD case) Why is Marilyn Manson in Maroon Five?

Vicky: (jokingly) They both begin with M. It threw me off.

Enter Mikey, the ghost, from the hallway. He is seventeen, dressed in a skater t-shirt and wide leg jeans (he always has on the same clothes), very attractive, walks behind the girls and sees what they are watching. He shakes his head in disgust. Anything he says the girls ignore.

Mikey: You're watching that again?

He sits on the arm of the sofa watching.

Mikey: You guys seriously need to let go of the past.

Sam: Oh, fast forward that part when I dance.

Mikey: Like a dying duck.

Sam: Looks like a dying duck.

Mickey: Don't take my line.

Sam: You do realize half of your CDs are in the wrong cases.

Vicky: Probably.

Sam: John Denver? Why do you have this?

Vicky: Must be mom's.

Sam: It's in a Korn case. That's it! I'm fixing all of them. The disorder is making me twitch.

Vicky: (endearingly at the TV) Look at Mikey.

Sam: (walking towards the couch) He always has two emotions: angry or serious.

Vicky: This I would call seriously angry.

Mikey: ( to Vicky) Ha. Ha. Ha. You really are the funniest girl on that couch.

Sam goes back to the CDs.

Mikey: At least I have attitude. Ian is just too Mr. Manners for me.

Sam: Do you like Ian?

Vicky: How many times am I gonna have to answer this? Yes I like him. He's nice and treats you with respect and has a Ford. All that is necessary in a man.

Sam: I know. It's just-

Vicky: Don't start.

Sam: (sits on the sofa a CD in hand) But…I am only 23 and getting married now could be limiting myself.

Vicky: You have a graphic design degree. You can do anything.

Sam: I know. I mean being stuck in Purchase.

Vicky: Do you love Ian?

Sam: It doesn't matter if I…

Vicky: Do you love him?

Sam: Yes.

Vicky: Then what else is there?

Mikey: How about, he is as boring as he is stupid, not much too look at, as skinny as a twig and probably feels like you are screwing a wall when you guys are having sex. Not that I personally want to be picturing that.

Sam: He's…normal.

Vicky: So. What is normal anyway?

Sam: Stop answering everything with a question.

Vicky: I'm Jewish. What would you expect me to do?

Sam: Stop.

Vicky: Hun you do this every time. You love a guy and when it gets too serious you start freakin' out and bolt. Why?

Sam: I don't know.

Mikey: Because you're a wimp?

Vicky: It'll be okay.

Vicky reaches for the CD in Sam's hand.

Vicky: (reading CD title) Greatest Sitcom Theme Songs? Why do I have this? Why would anybody have this?

Black out

Scene 3


Girls, in spaghetti strap t-shirts and pajama pants, are on the sofa reading each others diaries out loud while lounging on the sofa. Mikey is seated next to Sam reading over her shoulder laughing.

Vicky: 'Harry is so hot. Problem is he is well, Harry and fictional and fourteen and therefore, should not be lusted after in anyway.'

Sam: Shoot me now.

Vicky: You had a crush on a book character?

Sam: Shut up.

Mikey: You like any guy with glasses. You can't help it. You are drawn to the less fortunate.

Sam: (thumbing through diary) Aha! Pay back! 'Doug was talking to me in the hall the other day…'

Mikey: Cue upchuck reflex.

Vicky: Oh no, not Doug! Make it stop.

Sam: He said "thanks for the night before." What did you do that needed thanks?

Vicky: Shut up! I am no longer a slut. I'm a freshman in college and have matured.

Sam: Bull shit! You have seduced half of the baseball team and two of the coaches.

Vicky: That was one assistant coach and three baseball players. I can't help it okay they have such cute asses in those pants. Plus the fact that I chose a college so near to home didn't help. Was hard to not run into guys I've known all my life. Old habits die hard.

Mikey: And yet my view of you falls even lower than I thought it could. Have you no self control? I honestly am waiting for you to be on the cover of some video flashing your boobs on spring break.

Vicky: What do you want to do for spring break?

Sam: It's Christmas.

Vicky: I know, but we are college girls, we need to go to Cancun or something.

Sam: Can't afford Cancun right now.

Vicky: Okay, Sesame Place it is.

Sam: You'll never guess who came to visit me.

Vicky: Who?

Sam: Jesse.

Vicky and Mikey: Holy shit. Why?

Sam: He found me on the net, goes to Purchase and said "We should meet up" and I was all "Okay".

Vicky: And did you profess your four year long love?

Sam: No.

Mikey: Can't we keep reading? If only I had known she kept the thing under her bed. The torture I could have ensued. No more Jesse talk.

Sam: He was weird. Like he is all good now and doesn't drink or smoke or anything.

Vicky: Well, yeah after what happened I would think so.

Sam: We just had coffee and talked a little then, he left.

Vicky: That's it? You were like obsessed with him forever and that's it? You would constantly be gawking at the boys when they would be outside playing ball or something and always want us to go hang out with Mikey's crew just to be near him.

Sam: I know.

Mikey: You wanted Jesse? Why the hell did you want him? He was the womanizing one! He was the one that ran around and told everyone about the girls he fucked and was a total asshole. Jesse?

Mikey gets up while ranting and punches the wall.

Both girls jump

Vicky: He's pissed.

Sam: Maybe we should talk about something else.

Vicky: I can talk about whatever I want.

Sam: Maybe cuz Jesse was there and didn't…

Mikey: Fuck Jesse! (Hitting and kicking the walls)

Vicky: Stop it!

Sam: Don't scream!

Vicky: Stop it!

Mikey continues screaming and hitting things.

Vicky: (to Mikey) Maybe if you hadn't been friends with people like him!

Mikey: Go to hell Vicky!

He nocks over a picture and the glass shatters.

Girls stop screaming and stare at the floor scared.

Fade out

Scene 4


Vicky is seated on the couch staring at a bunch of papers looking very upset. An opened box is on the table. There is a knock at the door. She lays the papers down and goes to the door. She opens it to find Sam and Ian.

Vicky: That was quick.

Sam: You sounded really upset.

Vicky: Come in.

They enter.

Sam: What's wrong?

Vicky: Well look at what lovely things my parents sent from Switzerland.

She heads towards the table where there is a box full of stuff. She lifts up each item she mentions.

Vicky: A lovely care package of chocolates, a knitted sheep's wool hoody, a picture of them smiling stupidly in front of the ski lift, and a letter saying (picks up the letter) "Dear Victoria, Having a blast in Europe. You really should try it one day. Blah blah …met some guy named Sven blah blah… here are some chocolates yada yada… oh and by the way I forgot to tell you, we have decided to sell the house. (Mikey's head pops out from the hallway) That is if you don't want to continue staying there. We would raise the rent only by $550. But we love Europe so much we have decided to stay for good this time. Love Mom, Dad, and Sven."

Sam: They've said that before.

Vicky: Yeah but, they didn't send me a lease agreement (picks up the papers she had been looking at) and the name of several real estate agents in town who have interested buyers.

Mikey is standing now watching them upset but still.

Sam: Well, look I know this is where you've lived since you were ten but…getting a place of your own, isn't so bad.

Vicky: So bad? This isn't their home to sell? I take care of this damn place. I'm the only one who cares about him . . . the house. I call it a him.

Sam: Mmhmm. Well, then stay.

Vicky: I can't afford it.

Mikey storms off into his hallway.

Sam: Get a roommate.

Vicky: Oh that will be a great ad: Single white female seeks roommate who is nice, neat, and doesn't mind paranormal activity every now and then.

Ian: You mean the…ghost.

Vicky: (off handedly) It's my brother.

Ian: Brother?

Vicky: Yeah.

Ian: (slowly) Okay.

Vicky: (to Sam) You'd be the only one who I would be willing to live with me and I doubt Ian would be all for giving you up anytime soon.

Ian: Wait…how do you know that… it's…

Vicky: It's a long story.

Ian: I'm not sure I want to know.

Vicky: Let's just say through logical deduction we figured out it was him.

Ian: I think all presence of logic has been lost.

Sam: (to Ian) This is serious!

Ian: (sarcastic but not vicious) Sorry. Don't know what came over me.

Vicky: What am I going to do? I can't just (hushes her voice) abandon him.

Sam: The house?

Vicky: Y-yeah…the house.

Sam: (softly) I don't mean to sound cruel, but…he's dead.

Mikey off stage: I can still hear you!

Black out

Scene 5


Lights up.

Mikey is sitting on the headrest part of the couch. The TV is on. He is in the center of the couch. The theme music for a soap opera begins to play.

Mikey: It's on!

Vicky sticks her head out of the kitchen.

Vicky: It's on! Hurry up Sam.

Vicky enters with a bowl of popcorn.

Sam off stage: Coming.

Vicky hops on the couch on the left side of Mikey. Sam comes in with mixed drinks of some kind and hands one to Vicky. Vicky takes a sip as Sam sits on the floor in front of the sofa.

Vicky: Are you sure this has alcohol in it? I don't taste a thing.

Sam: Exactly.

Mikey: Quiet, I am watching this crap because of you guys.

They watch TV.

Sam: He's never going to call is he?

Mikey: Will you stop whining!

Vicky: Forget about him.

Sam: Why hasn't he called?

Vicky: He'll call. In the mean time behold the sexy Britishness.

Mikey: (referring to the TV) Wait …when did they go to England? Did I miss something? And Blake proposed!

Vicky: I would've said yes.

Mikey: You'd say yes to anything that is male and breathes.

Sam giggles in agreement. They watch some more.

Mikey: I can't believe you got me hooked on this (notices something on the TV) …damn that's a big house. (To Vicky) Looks like that school you wanted to go to in England. Not that you are smart enough to get in.

Sam: Kind of looks like Cambridge.

Vicky: Yeah. I wish I had that Tivo thing to fast forward through commercials.

Sam: Did you ever even apply to Cambridge.

Vicky: No.

Sam: Why?

Mikey: Because she couldn't spell it.

Vicky: It's too far.

Sam: But you have whined about going to college in the UK forever.

Vicky: I know. Have you heard back from any schools?

Sam: Yeah, remember NYU and Syracuse. I'm still waiting on Purchase and Columbia.

Vicky: Oh right. I got a letter this morning.

Sam: You did?

Vicky: Yeah. UC Santa Cruz.

Sam: Really?

Vicky: (not excited) I got accepted.

Sam: That's great!


Sam: What's wrong?

Vicky: Nothing. It's just on the other side of the country and…

Mikey: Silence. (Pointing to TV) Viviane is talking.

Both girls notice it is back on and stop talking. Sam's back begins to ache and she sits on the sofa, hugging her legs under her chin, in front of where Mikey is. Mikey observes her for a second, then leans forward, bringing his face lower to look at her.

Mikey: You're in my bubble.

Sam keeps watching TV. A few more seconds go by and Mikey slowly brings his arms around Sam until he is gently embracing her around her shoulders, his chin rested on the top of her head. She raises up her hand to brush away something on her head. Mikey lets go of her, sits up, and turns his attention to the TV.

Mikey: That little whore!

Sam: Why would she run off with that guy? He's her brother's clone and not even that cute.

Mikey: Bad boy syndrome. I know. I used it to my advantage back in the day. Ah, good times.

Vicky: Could you picture me hanging with surfers in Cali?

Sam: Actually, yes I can.

Mikey: I am watching the TV!

Vicky: I don't want to talk about it anymore.

Sam: Okay…

They go back to watching the TV. The sound of a cell phone ring is heard. Sam almost leaps over the sofa to reach into her purse which is next to it and answers.

Sam: (anxiously) Hello? Hi!

Vicky continues watching the TV while Mikey tries to listen in on the phone.

Sam: Yeah. I'm here with Vicky watching TV. Yeah sure. Of course. Okay. See you there.

She hangs up.

Vicky: Was that him?

Sam: Yeah. Would you kill me if I went to the concert?

Vicky: No. See I told you he'd call.

Sam: You sure?

Vicky: Yes. Go. Have fun.

Sam: Okay.

Sam happily gets up to leave.

Mikey: You are going to leave your best friend for a boy? Whatever happened to girl power and all that shit? I see how much my sister means to you. Your stupid little boyfriends call and you go running like a little a love sick puppy.

Sam suddenly is over come with guilt.

Sam: You know. It's not like I have never heard his band. I can go any other time.

Vicky: What? You were whining earlier how you wanted him to invite you and now you don't want to go?

Sam: I don't want to be one of those girls who just leave their friends every time a boy calls them.

Vicky: Sam, what the hell is wrong with you? If I was obsessed over a boy, which has never happened, but if I was, and you and I were just watching TV, something we do all the time, and I wanted to go see him, I would know you'd understand, and be happy for me to go. I'll be fine.

Sam: You sure?

Vicky: (annoyed but laughing) Yes. Get the hell out of here!

Sam takes a deep breath.

Sam: Okay. Bye.

Vicky: Bye.

Sam heads for the door.

Mikey: Lame Sam. Real lame.

Sam stops walking and turns towards the back of Vicky and Mikey's heads as they are still seated on the sofa. She looks like she is ready to cry. She begins to open her mouth to protest leaving again. Without turning around Vicky responds.

Vicky: GO!

Sam nods and leaves.

Black out.

Scene 6

A few months before. 1999.

Sam is seated on the sofa with a boy next to her. He is cute but nothing special.

Doug: Are you sure it's okay for us to be here?

Sam: Yes. Vicky said to just chill until she was done with school.

Doug: What about her parents?

Sam: They are never here.

Doug: Really?

Sam: Yeah.

Mikey pops up from behind the couch glaring at the boy.

Mikey: Don't get any ideas Romeo. I am always here.

Sam: We don't have to stay and wait for Vicky. I mean, you said we would go out tonight. So, why not just go now?

Doug: We can wait for her. She is the president. She should be there when we pick up the invites just in case there are any mistakes.

Sam: I know…I just thought.

Doug: Let's just wait.

Sam: Okay. Wanna watch TV?

Doug: Okay.

Sam reaches for the control and turns on the TV. Doug scoots toward her and puts his arm around her.

Mikey: You're pushing it.

Sam: I wish Vic were in my Wednesday classes …

Doug: Was in…

Sam: Was in my Wednesday classes and got out early. I can't wait to finish high school.

Doug: Me neither.

Mikey: Yes it's official; I don't like you.

They sit and watch TV and Doug does nothing to try to make out with Sam. Mikey circles them like a hawk. He stops and observes Doug.

Mikey: You aren't going to try anything? What are you gay? I mean you have a hot girl…okay not hot…sort of cute. Well cute enough for you. Probably too cute for the likes of your pansy ass and you aren't even going to try to take advantage of the situation?

Sam turns and looks at Doug observing him curiously.

Sam: So, like…I doubt Vic will be here for another 2 hours.

Doug: (not suggestively) Yeah.

Sam: (annoyed) Yeah.

Mikey: Aw. The respectful kind of guy. Probably doesn't know what he's doing. Ha! That's it. A little virgin.

Sam looks at him again observing him.

Sam: Have you ever…um…are you a virgin?

Doug stares at her annoyed.

Doug: Um…

Mikey: Normally I would say if he says yes he is lying, if only to get you to sleep with him and if he says no and you ask with how many, whatever answer he gives you, times it by two. But, since we are talking about the republican poster child here I would have to rethink my response.

Doug: No…why?

Sam: Just wondering.

Doug: Okay.

They go back to watching TV.

Sam: Oh, I love this show.

Doug: (annoyed) It's a cartoon.

Sam: So.

Doug: That's a bit sophomoric.

Mikey: Ah hell no!

Sam: Sorry. Well here. (Gives him the remote) Watch whatever you want.

Mikey: Sam, don't let this know-it-all self absorbed valedictorian pre-med candidate take the remote. I know for a fact you have this entire cartoon series on tape in your room. It is a sad fact but still it is who you are. Besides… he smells funny.

Sam leans over and smells Doug and wrinkles her nose.

Sam: You wear too much cologne.

Doug: No, I don't.

Sam and Mikey: Yes, you do.

Doug: Whatever.

Sam: What are we watching?

Doug: The History channel.

Sam: You know I'm like anyone else and would usually be up for a detailed special on the making of medieval weapons, but we are supposed to be on a date right now.

Doug: Who says?

Sam: Well…I…

Doug: This isn't a date. We are just waiting for Victoria. It is her parent's house. You want us to just start making out on her sofa. That's just rude.

Mikey: True. Fun but rude. Thrilling but rude.

Sam: I didn't mean…

Doug: (gets up to leave) Look I'm going to go home. Call me when she gets home so we can go get the invites. You don't have to come.

Sam: Doug…

Doug: I'll call you later. (Heads for the door)

Sam: I'm sorry.

Mikey: No, you're not.

Doug: Okay. Don't get so dramatic. You gotta stop being so needy.

Mikey and Sam: She's/I'm not needy!

Doug: Calm down.

Mikey: You calm down!

Sam: You calm down!

Doug: You really are psycho you know that.

Sam: Shut up. I am just sick of you talking down to me like I'm a kid. So what if I like cartoons. It's who I am. And don't correct my English. If memory serves it was I who got the perfect score on the English section on my SATs, not you!

Doug: Whatever. I'm leaving.

Sam: Fine!

Doug: Fine!

Mikey: Yes I am. Thank you.

Sam starts laughing as Doug opens the door.

Doug: What's so funny?

Sam: Nothing. I thought you were going.

Doug: You're nuts.

He goes to step outside as Mikey grabs the handle and slams the door in Doug's face so he can't leave. Doug stands frozen.

Mikey: Who's crazy now biatch?

Doug: What was that?

Sam: What?

Mikey starts laughing.

Sam: I don't know what you're talking about.

Mikey starts dancing around Doug making ghost noises. Doug jumps up and turns around.

Doug: What's going on?

Mikey starts kicking and hitting the walls and grabs the door and swings it open and closed. Doug screams and runs out the door. Samantha laughs. She can barely catch her breath. Mikey looks out the door at Doug running away.

Mikey: That's how I roll!

Mikey turns around smirks at Sam then drops the smile.

Mikey: Don't read anything into it. I just don't like republicans.

He goes into his hallway. Sam walks towards the door and looks out to see if she can see Doug still running. Mikey pops his head out.

Mikey: (quickly and almost painfully forced) You're welcome.


Scene 7


Both girls are in pajamas. Sam is jumping on the sofa while Vicky goes through the CDs.

Sam: What are you putting on?

Vicky: You'll see.

Vicky finds what she wants and put on a boys band CD. Sam starts laughing.

Sam: Yes! The epitome of sophisticated music!

Vicky: Indeed.

Both girls start lip singing, when a sudden banging comes from the hall in sync with the music. Vicky stops for a second and Sam ignores it. They continue playing around, dancing and singing when it happens again.

Sam: Is that the bass?

Vicky: I don't think so.

Sam: Well start it over again.

Vicky starts the CD over and begins the same song. They both stand by the CD player listening. They hear nothing and then the same distinctive banging is heard.

Sam: It has to be the CD. Listen.

Sam suddenly turns off the song at the point the banging usually happens. The banging continues without the music, but suddenly stops.

Vicky: It's the ghost.

Sam: Stop trying to scare me.

Vicky: I'm not. I told you I keep hearing noises down here. It's never upstairs. Always in here. You've never heard anything?

Sam: No. Well…

Vicky: What?

Sam: After Mikey's funeral I thought I heard something, but I was just really upset.

Vicky: Do you think it's Mikey?

Sam: No.

Vicky thinks for a second.

Vicky: Remember when we'd play my boys band crap really loud in my room and Mikey would bang on the wall.

Sam: Yeah, so. We did it back to him when he blasted his metal rap.

Vicky: Maybe he is trying to make contact with us.

Sam: Okay, you know I have heard of ghosts staying behind because they couldn't let go or whatever, but I have never heard of a ghost staying to pester his sister. That is taking sibling rivalry to a whole new level.

Vicky: It could be him.

Sam: Do you want it to be him? Maybe you miss him that much.

Vicky: It would be like him to haunt me, the little bastard.

Sam: Look, maybe you really should talk to a psychiatrist like your mom said.

Vicky: Mikey if that's you give us a sign.

Sam: Oh lord.

Vicky: Uh…if it's you knock once, if not knock twice.

Sam: Vicky this is ridiculous.

Vicky: Quiet.

They both are still and listen.

Sam: See I told you!

Mikey hits the wall really hard. The girls jump up and huddle together.

Vicky: It is him. Um, are you sure you are Mikey?

He hits again. Girls face each other and scream bloody murder and run out of the house.

Scene 8

A month before.1998.

Vicky rushes through the door upset dressed all in black and runs upstairs to her bedroom. Mikey is in the living room taking a nap on the couch. He is awoken by the door slam.

Mikey: What the…Vic? (She is out of sight by now) Vicky?

He sits up trying to figure out what is wrong and makes his way towards the stairs. He is half way past the couch when Sam walks in all in black looking for Vicky.

Sam looks around not noticing Mikey.

Mikey: Oh…hi.

Sam: Vicky!

Vicky off stage: Go away!

Sam: Vicky please come down here.

Vicky off stage: Why?

Sam: Because you have less ability to lock yourself in your room down here.


Mikey: What's her problem? You guys still pissed about the stupid Prom? I mean look I'm sorry Sam, but it was just a dance and you didn't even want to go anyway and… well. Sam? (Sam doesn't look or hear him) Sam…SAMANTHA!

Sam jolts and looks at him.

Sam: (scared) Vicky? Did you call me?

Mikey: No, I did dip shit. Are you guys gonna go sixth grade and ignore me cuz you're mad?

Vicky slowly comes down the stairs crying.

Sam: Oh honey. (Sam hugs her)

Vicky hugs her back then gently pushes her off. Mikey is standing confused.

Vicky: I just can't believe them!

Sam: I know.

Vicky: I mean… Hawaii? Fucking Hawaii!

Sam: They need to get away.

Vicky: Oh and I don't? I have to stay here in this house wishing to be anywhere but here while they go through their grief in Honolulu. It was bad enough having the funeral (When she says funeral Mikey asks: Whose funeral? But she keeps talking) in a rented out room at a hotel. How sick was that? Was it some kind of celebration? To afraid all of his friends would ruin the oriental rugs?

Mikey: Whose funeral? Who died?

Vicky is silent and looks around.

Vicky: Could I stay over your house tonight? I just couldn't handle being alone up there.

Sam: Of course.

Mikey: Girls…look at me.

Vicky: I'll be right back. I need to change.

Sam: Okay. I'll raid the kitchen. We can OD on your mom's chocolate stash.

Vicky: Get the Belgian kind in the gold boxes. It's her favorite.

Vicky exits. Mikey follows Sam to the door of the kitchen.

Mikey: You guys are still just pissed right? I get it. I learned my lesson, you can stop.

Sam exits. Mikey halts in front of the door as if frozen

Mikey: Sam? Mom? Dad? Vicky!

He runs towards the stairs and sees the hallway and stops quickly and stares at the floor. He is over come with fear.

Mikey: Vicky! Vicky! VICTORIA!

Sam enters back from the kitchen with the chocolate. Mikey sees her as she sits on the couch and runs to he, panicked.

Mikey: Sam, look at me. Come on. It's me. Michael. Come on.

Sam starts crying.

Mikey: What the hell is going on! I am right here. Why won't you-

Sam: (whispers to herself) I can't believe you're dead.

Mikey: Shut up!

Sam: I'm sorry. It's all my fault.

Mikey: (Calmly almost emotionless) No…I went out with Jesse and then he brought me home. I woke up on the couch. You told me to get out of your life cuz of the dance.

Sam: I'm sorry. I didn't want … (she can't go on and cries)

Mikey: Stop it. Sam. I'm not dead. I'm here. I'm not dead! I'M NOT DEAD! I'M NOT DEAD! (He hits the wall)

Sam jumps up with a scream. She looks around.

Black out.

Scene 9

A few days before.1998.

Mikey and Jesse (seventeen, scruffy, in similar clothes to Mikey) are on the sofa in the living room playing video games eyes and minds fixated on the screen. Vicky comes down the stairs. Mikey is alive.

Vicky: Can I play?

Mikey and Jesse: No.

Vicky: Fine. Well anyway, you should probably go take a shower now. Sam's gonna be here soon and we'll be in there forever doing her hair.

Mikey: (half ass listening) Okay.

Vicky: Okay.

Vicky walks back towards the stairs. Mikey begins to register what she said.

Mikey: Why is Sam…? (Realizing Vicky is out of hearing range he raises his voice) What are you doing to her hair?

Vicky off stage: What?

Mikey: What are you doing to her hair!

Vicky has reappeared.

Vicky: I'm just gonna do a French twist with curls, why?

Mikey: What for?

Vicky: For the Junior Prom. That you are taking us to. Tonight.

Mikey's eyes get huge.

Mikey: Tonight?

Vicky: Yeah genius. Go upstairs and take a shower. You don't have to put on your tux now. (steals the control from Mikey) We'll have to wait for dad to come home to do the bow tie.

Mikey: Oh shit.

Vicky: What's wrong?

Mikey: Tux?

Vicky: Oh tell me you got it. Tell me you heard me last week when I told you to pick up the tux. Tell me you did.

Mikey: Do I have to say all those words together?

Vicky: Michael Joshua!

Mikey: Not cool! Don't talk to me like mom!

Vicky: Well someone has to since you refuse to act like my older brother.

Jesse starts laughing.

Mikey: (to Jesse) Shut up!

Vicky: Why are you still sitting there?

Mikey: What do you want me to do?

Vicky: Go out there and get yourself a tux.

Mikey: Right now?

Vicky: Yes! Right now!

Mikey: Do I have to?

Vicky: You voluntarily said you'd be Sam's escort.

Mikey: I know, but can't you ask one of your friends?

Vicky: No, you promised, and whether you like it or not, Sam actually believed you would keep it.

Mikey: It's just a pathetic tradition that she will soon realize is a political popularity contest when she loses to a cheerleader, thus spinning her into a destructive cycle of drug abuse, sex with men who won't remember her name in the morning and three kids by the age of 20

Vicky: What the hell are you talking about?

Mikey: I felt inspired inside and I went with it. Why don't you ever let me shine?

Vicky: Get in your god damn car!

Mikey: Fine, you crazy tux Nazi.

Mikey gets up and grabs his keys.

Mikey: (to Jesse who is still playing) Come on man.

Jesse turns the game off and begins to get up.

Vicky: You're not walking fast enough!

Both boys hurry out the door. Vicky shakes her head and takes the controllers and begins to play.

Black out.

Scene 10

An hour later. 1998.

Mikey opens the door. No one is visibly in the house but him. He puts the car keys on a table in a bowl by the door and heads for the sofa. He sits down with a huff. Sam rushes in having heard the door from the hallway in dressed in normal clothes, but her hair is curled and up. She has on glittery makeup.

Sam: You're back! Did you find a tux?

Mikey: No.

Sam: No?

Mikey: No.

Sam: No?

Mikey: NO! What is there an echo in here?

Sam: But, you promised to be my escort.

Mikey: Look everything closes early on Saturday. It's no big deal. Vicky will be there.

Sam: But each girl needs an escort.

Mikey: No, they don't. They just…usually have one.

Sam: But-

Mikey: Where's Vic?

Sam: Went looking for you.

Mikey: Okay. Well I'll be leaving then.

Sam: What?

Mikey: I don't really want to have her chew me out again.

Sam: So you are just going to leave me? You don't have a nice jacket and pants or anything?

Mikey: NO! God! I'm sorry Sam. I'm sorry I forgot. I'm sorry I don't wear formal attire on a regular basis. Just get off my back!

Sam: Okay! Don't yell at me! Vicky said she'd escort me if you didn't show up anyway.

Mikey: See nothing to worry about. Why are you doing this anyway?

Sam: What?

Mikey: The whole Prom thing? You aren't really a Prom Court kinda girl.

Sam is wounded by the words.

Mikey: I didn't mean it like…look you're not Miss Popularity. You read encyclopedias for fun and watch cartoons and play piano. You don't go partying and wear eye shadow that matches your cardigan.

Sam: I know.

Mikey: Then why?

Sam: Why not? I just thought it would be fun.

Mikey: But it's not you.

Sam: Well, maybe it is.

Mikey: No, it isn't. Why do you always want to be something that you're not?

Sam: How do you know what I am?

Mikey: I know that you hate school dances. Mostly cuz, one you have to get all dressed up and two because you can't dance.

Sam: So. You aren't the bad ass that you keep trying to be.

Mikey: Whatever.

Sam: Why did you say you'd take me if you were so against it?

Mikey: I don't know. Pity?

Sam: (she pushes him) Get out!

Mikey holds her back as she tries to hit him.

Mikey: I live here!

Sam: I don't care! Get out of my face! Get out of my life!

Mikey backs away towards the door as she pushes him again. He grabs his keys and opens the door, stomps out and slams it in her face. The sound of car starting and driving away is heard.

Black out.

Scene 11

Next morning. 1998.

It's still dark outside. Jesse stumbles in supporting Mikey. Both are drunk. Mikey is so inebriated he can barely walk and keeps trying to fall asleep every five seconds. Jesse isn't as in a dangerous state as Mikey, but to the point of not being able to rationalize much or walk straight.

Jesse: Come on man.

They make their way to the living room. Jesse reaches the sofa and lets go of Mikey as they both collapse on the sofa.

Mikey: Goin' to sleep.

Jesse: Think your parents home?

Mikey has drifted to sleep.

Jesse: Hey dude!

Jesse crawls over and shakes Mikey back awake.

Jesse: Let's go upstairs.

Mikey: I'm good here.

Jesse: I ain't sleepin' on the floor again. Come on.

Jesse gets up and heads for the stairs. Mikey tries to get up and falls. Jesse turns around and starts laughing. He goes to help Mikey. They make it to the hallway and Jesse's strength gives and Mikey hits the ground again. The audience can see all of Jesse but only Mikey's legs. His body is blocked by the wall.

Jesse: Dude, come on.

Jesse tries to pull up Mikey.

Jesse: Get up.

Mikey doesn't respond. Jesse is giggling again.

Jesse: Fine. Stay there.

Jesse laughing makes his way up the stairs. A few seconds later Mikey makes a heaving gurgling noise. He then begins to cough and hack. He stops making choking noises and is motionless.

Black out

Scene 12



Sam opens the door as Mikey, the ghost, is lounging on the sofa staring into space. The lease agreement is still on the table with Vicky's cell phone next to it. Sam has a drink tray with 3 drinks. Sam puts a pad of paper on the sofa and sets the drinks down on a side table and goes upstairs.

Mikey: Be careful, she's been sneezing and coughing all night.

Mikey gets up and examines the drinks. Then with a mischievous smile he puts the pad of paper behind a throw pillow on the sofa. Sam is heard coming down the stairs.

Sam: I'll be back in five minutes and if you aren't up, I will pour ice cold water on you!

Sam sits down on the sofa to take a sip then reaches for the missing pad. Noticing it's gone she huffs in annoyance and looks immediately behind the pillows.

Sam: (amused) So predictable.

Mikey: Yeah, well. . .

She examines the list with Mikey reading over her shoulder.

Mikey: Ah, I see. A fun filled day in the big apple. Where's your man? Is it just a girl's day thing? Wait, no, I see dinner with you know who, right there. Isn't that special.

Sam sips her drink thinking and rewriting things on the list.

Mikey: You aren't really going to marry him are you? I mean he's so…I don't know, there aren't words for it. He rankles me! I have no idea what that means, but he rankles me nonetheless.

Sam lays the list down thinking to herself.

Mikey: What's so special about him? He doesn't know everything about you like, for instance, me. Think about it. My sheer existence is for you, that and annoying my sister. But, I have always been there for you. I mean, who carried you to your home with a broken arm when you fell out of our tree house, or waited for 5 hours, in line with you, just to see a stupid boat sink, for the seventh time, or beat up Kevin Langley after he made up all those rumors about you and him in his van? Who stayed up those nights with you, when you had nightmares, when you spent the night and would put on a bad movie and turn the mute on so we could make our own dialogue, just to make you laugh?

Sam begins to cry softly.

Mikey: And who was there to take you to that stupid Prom…not me. Okay, we'll just ignore that one. But, I have a lot more times I've been there than not. I bet he doesn't even know that your dream place to go is Japan to visit all those old temples and crap.

The frustration of her not answering is getting to Mikey and he begins to pace in anger.

Of course I never did really tell you how I felt. So, I guess I have no real say. So, whatever. Do what you want. Ruin your life. It doesn't matter whether or not I was in love with you all that time because you liked Jesse. God knows why!

Vicky appears with messed up hair and wearing pajamas from her room upstairs holding a box of tissues and sniffling. Mikey goes into his hallway.

Vicky: Cannot function. Need coffee.

She waddles to the kitchen. Sam holds up a drink and whistles for Vicky to notice.

Vicky: Coffee! You do love me!

Vicky almost hugs the coffee and sits next to Sam.

Vicky: Hello coffee. Is it a-

Sam: Vanilla latte with an extra shot of espresso.

Vicky: I knew I was your friend for a reason. (notices Sam's red eyes) Are you okay?

Sam: Yeah.

Vicky: You sure?

Sam: No.

Vicky: What's wrong?

Sam: (calmly) What do you think would happen to a girl whose first love died when she was sixteen before she could even tell him how she felt? I would think she would be seriously screwed up and never be able to really commit to anyone for fear they would disappear like he did. (pissed) Ten minutes by myself and I figure out what five years of therapy couldn't do!

Vicky: (thoughtfully) Deep. Psychological. (beat) Have no idea what you just said.

Sam: I was in love with your brother!

Mikey comes running, almost falling over himself, to the couch.

Mikey: Could you repeat that last part?

Vicky: My brother?

Sam: Yes, I was obsessed with him.

Mikey: Now you tell me!

Sam: I didn't want him to know, so I would say it was Jesse.

Vicky: Good. I have a higher regard for your taste now. Jesse was…

Mikey: Disgusting? Juvenile? Inconsiderate? Not nearly as drop dead gorgeous as I am?

Vicky starts coughing.

Sam: Yeah. Exactly.

There is a knock at the door.

Sam: It's probably Ian.

Mikey: (pouting) Of course!

Sam gets up to open the door.

Vicky: But you told him to be here at like 9.

Sam: Well it probably is 9. He's very punctual. He doesn't go by Vicky time.

Vicky: Damn it.

Vicky gets up as Sam open the door.

Sam: Hey.

Mikey: (yells out accidentally) Rankle! Rankle! Rankle!

Sam: She's not quite ready yet.

Ian: Okay.

Vicky: I'll be right back.

Vicky runs up stairs.

Sam: Sorry she's a little under the weather.

Mikey: (mutters quickly) Rankle.

Ian smiles and goes to sit down on the sofa.

Sam: Here (hands Ian a drink) I got you Chai.

Ian: Thanks, sweety.

Mikey: Who drinks Chai? College jack offs who fight for the support of hemp and dream of having a commune in India, drink Chai.

Sam: Ian…

Ian: Hmm?

Sam: If you could go to any place in the world where would it be?

Ian: You mean like for our honeymoon?

Sam: Well…

Ian: Because I already had an idea for that.

Sam: You do?

Mikey: Hope you've brushed up on your Bengali?

Ian: Well, since you're always reading those Shinto books and stuff I thought we should go to Japan.

Mikey: Who are you? Who sent you?

Ian: Would you like that?

Sam: (shocked) I would love it.

Vicky off stage: Sam! Need some help here!

Sam: I'll be right back.

Sam goes upstairs. Ian heads for the sofa with Mikey trailing him.

Mikey: So, we meet again. Do you really think you have what it takes? If I hear you have hurt her in anyway I will haunt you to death. I don't know it that is possible but we'll find out if you put one foot out of line. She likes you, you know. I won't say love merely because I don't particularly want to. I am too selfish. But if she does, and I'm not saying she does, you better treat her right. I didn't want to really admit it but you do genuinely care for her and you are a (forced) nice guy. But… that is my Sam, okay. You have to adhere to her every wish, buy her shit, and wait in line for a lame ass movie for at least seven hours. You have to be real gentle with her; she breaks easily and tell her you love her everyday because you never know when you won't get the chance again.

Sam walks back out.

Sam: Vic's real sick. She just hacked up a lung. So, I think we are gonna have to postpone Manhattan.

Ian: Is she gonna be alright?

Sam: Yeah, I think you should go back to my parents and just chill there. I'm gonna make her some tea or something and put her to bed. She's gets very needy when she's sick.

Ian: But, what if your dad feels inspired to go deep sea fishing again? I don't think I can run that fast.

Sam: Hide in my room and watch TV. It won't take long.

Ian: All right.

Ian gets up and heads to the door. He turns and faces her.

Ian: I love you.

Sam stands stunned for a second, then smiles.

Sam: I love you too. What brought that on?

Ian walks to Sam.

Ian: Just wanted to tell you.

Sam: Okay.

Ian kisses Sam. The kiss begins softly. Mikey watches annoyed. Kiss becomes more passionate.

Mikey: Okay! God! Pheromones!

They stop. They smile and Ian heads for the door again.

Ian: See ya later, baby.

Sam: Bye.

Mikey: (sarcastic) Very sweet. You show real love for her. (yells) Now get out of my house!

Ian leaves. Sam stares at the door a little confused but happy, then turns to go help Vicky. Mikey sits by himself on the sofa. He gets up and looks around at the house thinking. Sam walks back and heads for the kitchen with Vicky sluggishly walking behind her. Sam doesn't notice Vicky until she is almost there.

Sam: What are you doing out of bed?

Vicky: (whiny and childlike) I don't like being alone.

Sam: (sighs) Fine. Lay on the couch.

Vicky: (happily) What are you gonna make me?

Sam: Arsenic tea if you don't lie down.

Vicky: Okay.

Vicky lays on the sofa. Sam goes into the kitchen.

Mikey: She's gonna marry him. And where will that leave us? You used to love to go out and party. Look at you.

Vicky: (whining) I'm dying.

Mikey: Such a drama queen. I can't take you moping around anymore. It used to be amusing to have you sitting alone on a Saturday night watching reruns of cooking shows but the thrill is gone. I want you out of here. Sam's leaving. So, just let go and move on.

Sam comes back out with tea.

Sam: Here is that Echinacea tea.

Mikey: That stuff tastes like feet.

Vicky stares at it disgusted.

Sam: Drink it.

Vicky grudgingly sips it.

Sam: Come on. You need to get back in bed.

Vicky: I'm good here.

Sam: Okay. Well you've got tissues.

Sam gets up and walks into the hallway as Vicky picks up the remote and starts watching TV. Sam returns with a throw blanket.

Sam: Here.

Sam puts the blanket on Vicky.

Sam: If you need anything just call.

Vicky: You're leaving?

Sam: I got a fiancé' I need to save from being dragged on another fishing excursion. The boy can't even swim.

Vicky laughs.

Sam: You'll be fine.

Vicky: Hopefully.

Sam gets up to leave.

Sam: I'll check on you later. Just get some sleep.

Vicky: Okay, mommy.

They hug.

Sam: Bye.

Vicky: Bye.

Mikey follows her to the door. She opens it and leaves.

Mikey: Goodbye.

Mikey walks back to his sister.

Mikey: See, she's gone! So, are you gonna listen to me? Get out of my house? I mean think of what you could be holding me back from? What if a bunch of hot supermodels need this house? Like four, no eight so they would have to share a bed, move in and they just so happen to walk around all day nude. You would deny me that?

Mikey heads for his hallway.

Mikey: You're my baby sister and you never listen to me, but for once pretend I am the responsible big brother. You need to get a life. It's your decision. You know where I'll be.

He goes into his hallway.

Vicky sits up on sofa with a melancholy smile. She looks at the lease agreement in front of her. She picks up a pen to sign it then puts it down. She then takes a deep breath and with a mischievous grin slowly walks over to the CD player and puts on the boys band CD. She turns up the volume and raises her hand to cue Mikey's rhythmic hitting. But nothing happens. She looks around and plays it again.

Vicky: Mikey? Are you here?

She hears nothing but the music. Mikey doesn't come out.

Vicky: Mikey?


She turns off the music. A sense of relief slowly washes over her then grief. She stands in the room and looks around. She sits back down and tears up the lease agreement and throws it on the floor. She sits and takes in her decision. The cell phone rings. She answers it.

Vicky: Hello? Oh, hi mom! How are you guys? I got a cold.

She gets up and begins to pace.

Vicky: Yeah. Really? That sounds amazing. Yeah, I got it. You know I was thinking about what you said. You know about trying out Europe. Well maybe. Maybe.

Vicky heads for the hallway.

Vicky: Yeah. Oh, did I tell you? Sam's getting married. I know. Isn't that great?

She exits into the hallway still talking.

Black out.